There are thousands of Jameela's out there….

Like this guy:

Judge Told: ‘I’m Muslim. I’m Allowed to Kill Infidels’… (RoP)

Georgia Jihad (Examiner)

The Atlanta woman who mailed a pig’s foot to Congressman Peter King and was recently killed after charging police with a knife is described as an Islamist ‘racist’ by a columnist who knew her and fears there are ‘thousands’ more like her.

Jameela was just another “African-American” Louis Farraclown  cross-over because it’s a popular way of saying: “I hate White America” type. Douchebags all.

Jameela used to inundate us with vile rubbish and  threatened Representative Peter King…. for connecting the dots between Islam and terrorism….. (source)

Good riddance to bad rubbish!


Sheila Jackson Lee seems to have escaped from the same lunatic asylum:

Marietta Woman Linked to Suspicious Package Killed by Officer :

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Jameela Barnette threatened Rep. Peter King and New York State Senator Greg Ball. And that’s not all. She threatened me also, and left threatening comments on my Facebook page, as well as the SIOA Facebook page. I deleted hundreds of amazingly vicious and hateful comments from her here at Atlas and on the Facebook pages, always in the name of Allah. Here is one that remains — all of them were like that. An excerpt of her vileness:

The Torah and New Testament are forgeries, as they make gods of the jew’s, while making virtual slaves of the Children of Adam {non-jews}. It is time christian’s recognize the New Testament for what it is: an instruction manual; “How to Serve and Worship Your Hostile Jinn aka Jew Masters for Dummies”. Yes, Allah “Chose” the jew’s, He “Chose” the species consisting of monkeys, swine, devils and jinn; to return back to the Hell-fire from which they were created. The christian’s diabolical worship of a partially-eaten, jew corpse and their worshipping and serving clinically-insane, barn and zoo animals in the life of this world; mandates they receive the harshest punishment in the Hell-fire.

ALLAH is the greatest, ALLAH is ALIVE, but the christian’s god is only a partially eaten, jew corpse. ALLAHU AKBAR you rabid, jew-eating, racist, christian, cannibals of extremely low intelligence. I will be sure to tell your hostile jinn aka jew masters what loyal and obedient slaves you christians are. Enjoy your brief and evil life of fairy tales and hokum your evil jew masters have created for you, because the Hell-fire is your final destination. Only Allah’s Warriors can put-down the rabid, corpse-eating, blood-drinking, christian savages and send them to their partially-eaten, jew corpse they call god.

Yet after all the threats she sent out, Jameela Barnette was still free to go jihad. After this devout Muslim threatened Ball, she was arrested, but was released without bail. Nothing was done to stop her. When she finally did choose to go jihad, she attacked a police officer, and so she was mercifully killed before she could take out G-d only knows how many. She could have chosen to do any number of other ways to mount a jihad attack: she could have gone to a church on Christmas morning. She could have gone to a shopping mall, or any place where the kuffar gather, and dozens or even hundreds of people could be dead today.

Instead, only she is dead. That’s the best of all possible outcomes. But this should be an object lesson for clueless and compromised law enforcement: take Muslim threats seriously. Before more infidels get killed.