Angry Muslim divorces 3 wives at same time… keeps one after a fight between the four

He didn’t treat them equal. Bad Muslim!  (TROP)

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A man returned home in Abu Dhabi to relax away from work only to find his four wives locked in a heated argument. His decision to end the fight was so decisive that he divorced three of them and beat up the fourth.

The court was equally decisive when it sentenced him to one month in prison and fined him Dh2,000. He then appealed for mercy, a chance he had not given to his wives but the appeals court upheld the earlier verdict.

“He hit them then divorced three. He again hit the fourth wife but it was not clear why he kept that specific one,” the semi-official daily Alittihad said without identify the husband.

The man is said to have found all the wives fighting in one single room.

Of the four, one wife has filed a police complaint against the man. She alleged that she was beaten the most and was even hit against the wall.

8 thoughts on “Angry Muslim divorces 3 wives at same time… keeps one after a fight between the four”

  1. Yeah, I just hate it when my wives fight. Hard to watch the game, ya know? I will link to this from my Old Jarhead blog.

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  2. You have to be a moron of a man to not know that no real flesh and blood woman is willing to share her man. These neanderthals and the girls-who-never-grow-up-even-if-forty-years-old, do have an unusual pact. HE: Please don’t grow up and be a woman and act me to behave like a real man..HER: Don’t worry I won’t, and please forgive me if I get upset when you are giving her the bone and I can hear it. Moral of the story folks is the guys ego’s are so hugh, they actually think that they can satisfy more than one woman, and probably do a half arse job with just one…Guys give it up why don’t you….one gal is more than enough to handle and the world sure as hell doesn’t need a zillion more of you.
    in the form of five kids per five wives. We all want to breathe okay?

  3. very shallow… do some homework you stupid people before you put your brains out in the open
    people can click away from this spot and find out how misinformed (to say the least) this is
    this whole website sounds like thoughts flying around in a dope smoking weekend!
    personally, I think it is an attempt to score on the huge interest in reading about Islam

  4. @Layla,

    Too funny.

    “like thoughts flying around in a dope smoking weekend!”

    That is exactly what we were thinking your rant sounded like.

  5. there are so many shariah laws regarding multiple marriages if your not fully aware of them since your not a scholar I don’t think it is your place to speak, what this man has supposedly done it horrendous and I am in no mean justifying it, hitting women in Islam is a sin and he will be punished accordingly. It seems as though these websites want to “play the shame game” if we analyse historically speaking in nearly every religion there has been acts of violence such as the The Kingsmill massacre took place on 5 January 1976 .

  6. @Sana Valli,

    As a brainwashed and indoctrinated Muslim woman suffering from Stockholm syndrome; stop deflecting from the topic of this thread-Domestic Violence by bringing up something that has no relevancy at hand.

    Put your money where you mouth is and cite “chapter and verse” , as the Sheik said.

    Besides, technically speaking, If we follow the tenets of your religion, “It is not your place to speak,” we all know your opinion counts less then that of half your brethren.

    There you go Sheik,

    A Muslim making assumptions about you.

    You simply can’t know what your on about, because your not a scholar or a Muslim.

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