AUSTRALIA: “Under Islamic law we have the right to rape young white girls. They were out drinking, they weren't accompanied, they didn't wear headscarves…."

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AUSTRALIA: “Islamic cultural laws tell us we have the right to rape young white girls because they look like sluts”

“He (believes) his Islamic cultural believes gives them a right to rape these girls. They were promiscuous, they were out drinking, they weren’t accompanied, they didn’t wear headscarves…..

Four Paki Muslim scumbags gang rape a 13-year-old girl. One is already out on parole after only 8 years.

The Problem Of Muslim Child-Rape Gangs Is Global – This Is Sydney, Australia

11 thoughts on “AUSTRALIA: “Under Islamic law we have the right to rape young white girls. They were out drinking, they weren't accompanied, they didn't wear headscarves…."”

  1. There was a gang rape of two 15 year old girls in Roxburgh Park by up to ten Muslim youths back in October 2009. One of the girls was a primary school friend of my daughter.
    A 15 year old Broadmeadows youth and a 16 year old Meadow Heights boy were charged and 3 others were released pending further enquiries.
    Since then their was absolutely no media coverage of the court cases and l cannot for the life of me find out what the outcome of the legal proceedings was. If qanyone out there knows, or knows how to find out l’d greatly appreciate it.

  2. Folks we need to work together. Those who can assist (see post by islam is a crock) should post the names of the muslim t___s involved. If the police cannot be relied upon to protect society, the society should take take preventitive action.

  3. well muslim pigs dont think you can rape any girls in this part of the world and get away with it . after you get out of prison we have a glass jar just waiting to be filled with your worthless testicles, militia groups are being formed as we speak.

  4. mad-aussie,
    if any vigilante group starts then this group should do not advertise itself -ever. And if a terrorist is taken down then follow the Russian example and remove all traces of the terrorist and involvement with its demise. However, we are not at that stage yet. Work towards mobilizing the non-muslim population to become more active in local government, actively promote anti-islam bias in how people spend money (do not buy from shops supporting halal poisons, do not shop from islamic stores), actively challenge the left wing fools who are trying to influence the education of our children with imaginary tales of islamic “accomplishment”, talk openly about the muslim threat and include muslims in your conversations (while they are the problem they are also part of a solution). For those muslims that threaten back with violence, assuming that plod continues to be useless, use the Russian option. Above all, make sure that your knowledge is superior to these islamic morons so that they become their own worst enemies in an open debate. Actively challenge the statements made by the press that appear to support sharia etc. And do not give these muslim t____s one inch to breath in – pressure them continuously but, until exceptional circumstances arise, you MUST work within the law.

  5. I don’t care what anyone thinks – these rapists should stamped out like the scabious rattlesnakes they are. At the very least they MUST BE CASTRATED.

  6. All Muslims are Pedos. I have worked with Muslims in London.
    They had Child Porn on there computors etc, i had to leave my job
    because of this.

    They do scams, every thing about them is xxxxx

    Alleh, the Muslim God was a Pedo.


    I am in the British Army and going to Afganistan next month, xxxxxx SNIP!

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