Azerbijan, Daghestan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhastan

Heartwarming Pictures From Kazakhastan

Uzbekistan Wants to Kill Infidels (Jews) For Allah

Azerbaijan: Opposing Islam  Kills

Rafig Tagi, a 61-year-old writer  and essayist outspokenly critical of Islam and Iran, who had earlier served prison time for an article lambasting the Prophet Muhammad, died on November 23 from multiple knife wounds delivered by an unknown assailant in downtown Baku.

News of his death attracted comments ranging from outrage that Tagi died for expressing his views to joy that he met with “justice for insulting the prophet [Muhammad].”


Half of Daghestan’s Youth Want Salafi-Style Sharia State

90.6% percent of Dagestan’s population is Muslim  (Creeping Sharia)

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  1. Uzbekistan Rewrites History to Fit Present

    Mustards do what they do best:

    Academics in the Central Asian state of Uzbekistan have completed the process of revising history books to match the latest official ideology.

    The rewriting process has been rushed through since the beginning of the year, when President Islam Karimov ordered the creation of a new Public Council on Contemporary History.

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