Blasphemy & Yuman Rites Under Islam

Islam is not to be doubted:

Iran imprisons 8 for discussing Islam on the Internet

Iranian bloggers to be executed for ‘spreading corruption’ as Tehran cracks down in run up to elections

  • Four journalists also arrested in moves to curb freedom of expression
  • U.S. State Department urges Iran to ‘protect rights of all citizens’
  • Israel says ‘world must act quickly’ as UN urges West to resume talks
  • Iran’s parliament will decide on Sunday whether to stop oil exports to EU
 No need for more talks. The time for action is NOW!

Yuman Rites Champion Turkey  

Turkey topped the list of countries that violated the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) with 159 cases. Russia followed Turkey with 121 cases and Ukraine with 105.

Well, if that doesn’t get them a place of honor in the EUSSR I don’t know what will…..

Will Egypt’s Revolution Pass the Mickey Mouse Test? (

Egypt’s new Islamist leaders are putting a businessman is on trial for “insulting religion”. Oddly enough, religion doesn’t seem to be suffering.

Blasphemy in Tunisia

Tunisian TV executive to stand trial for “blasphemy” over animated movie

Nabil Karoui, owner of the Tunisian Nassma TV station is set to stand trial for “violating sacred values” and “disturbing the public order.” Karoui has told reporters, “I will plead not guilty, of course. It is outrageous that it was I who appear, as people who burned my house were released. (via Vlad)

Just remember: this is exactly what awaits us if we let   The World’s First Muslim Human Rights Commission foist their counterfeit  Islamic yuman rites package on us.

“The OIC Secretary General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu summarized the task of the Commission to removing the misperceptions regarding the interface between Islam and Human Rights.”

Lars Vilks Murder Plot

“….. it wasn’t unexpected that the main charges were thrown out,”The Local.via Vlad