7 thoughts on “Carnitha Loses”

  1. That copper handled that brilliantly although I would of twisted her a hell of a lot more with subtle sarcasm.

    “Thank you have a good night, safe driving” LOL .

    A*sehole she is.

  2. Stupid cow is the only description that fits Ms. Matthews. “SEVEN KIDS”! Guess who is paying for them!! What can we expect from the genetic combination of this cow and a loony mussleputz!!!

  3. Also note that the stupid cow did NOT activate the handbrake of the vehicle. The officer could have further penalized for this. She is just waffling to avoid a conviction.

  4. I think you will find that Carnita Mathews is Australian-born and Australian-raised and in later adult life converted to Islam. She is notorious for her attitudes and activities. I believe she may have an Australian accent. The woman in the video does not. The court accepts that Carnita’s signature is on the complaint of racism. Perhaps she made and signed the complaint on behalf of the woman in the video? I have noted in the past that it is not uncommon for one Muslim to stick up for another Muslim within the legal system. More information is required.

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