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Another Hostage Crisis, Just Like After the Fall of the Shah?

Tensions Rise as Egypt Bars Americans, Including U.S. Official’s Son, From Leaving

One of those barred is Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood’s son.  Read More »

There goes Egypt’s Tourist Industry:

Foreign Woman Stripped, Sexu-ally Assaulted in Tahrir Square… (Laura Logan was not not the first, and she won’t be the last…)

HarassMap, a website dedicated to monitoring sexual harassments and violence in Egypt, shows that the number of incidents rocketed in November 2011, and has remained high since then.

Have you seen Egypt’s newly established ‘Religious Police’? (Atlas)

There goes the last illusion of democracy:

“we will not permit an infidel [kafir] to be appointed to a post where he assumes authority over Muslims. This is forbidden.”

Ford just got a big boost in the Salafist market. “Egyptian Sheikh: Driving a Chevy is Haram,” by Angie Nasser for Now Lebanon, January 24: