Figures: Abbas appoints released terrorist as advisor

The way things are going at the moment it wouldn’t surprise me if the Muselputz Obama hired him as  his personal outreach assistant to the Muselworld:

“Palestinian Authority President” Mahmoud Abbas recently appointed as an advisor one of the security prisoners released in exchange for Gilad Schalit this past October. (pic thanks to ZIP)

For the despicable Klintoons, there is nothing that is not negotiable;  every thing’s for sale!

Muhammad Darma, who was the commander of the Palestinian Authority Presidential Guard security unit Force 17 under Yasser Arafat, was imprisoned in Israel for six years for involvement in a terror attacks. (J’Post)

Is Willary just as inept as Condi Clueless Rice or is there something more sinister at work here?

You gotta  admire these parasites. They are playing us like a grand piano.

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan Meets with Genocidal Hamas to Discuss the “Judaization of Jerusalem” (H/T Atlas)

Face(s) of evil: Turkey’s Erdogan with Hamas’ Ismail Haniyek”

Annihilationist “Prime Minister” of Hamas Ismail Haniyeh is on an official tour of the Muslim world, his first trip outside Muslim-occupied Israel since the devout Muslim group took over Gaza in 2007. Hamas is a genocidal Muslim Brotherhood-tied organization. The opening paragraph in the Hamas charter calls for the destruction of Israel. So why is this annihilationist being welcomed by anyone? Islamic Jew-hatred, that’s why. It’s a mandate of Islam.

Rolling back a century of moderation, Ataturk’s secularism and enforced separation of mosque and state, Prime Minister Erdogan is openly aligning with terror groups. The jihad warship “flotilla” launched from Turkey. Erdogan has been an avowed jihadist for years. Some years ago he declared, “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers…” quoted in BBC News. [1]

Why is Turkey involved in any “process” talks? Since when? Together they are discussing the “Judaization of Jerusalem.” Jerusalem defines Judaism, no matter how much they lie, steal and cheat. Jerusalem is mentioned in the Jewish bible over 700 times. It is never mentioned in the quran. More grotesque falsifying of Judaism (and Christianity, of course). 

Peace process must involve Hamas as a player’ Jerusalem Post

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