Happy Australia Day!

Racists Attacked!

Scenes from the reconciliation movement (Andrew Bolt)

I guess our elites are not spreading the wealth around fast enough….

A large police contingent was called to a Canberra restaurant after Aboriginal-rights protesters trapped the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader inside today.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard and opposition leader Tony Abbott flee a restaurant after the place is besieged: RED ALERT

The racist Islamophobic bigot rednecks are celebrating  AUSTRALIA DAY 2012  (Tim Blair)

I shouldn’t mention this dimbulb, its just embarrassing for us all: Albanese goes to Hollywood but why did Albanese pinch his lines from Michael Douglas?

Tell ya why:

Because Julia Gillard had already pinched the ones from Bono!

There’s Ethnic Cleansing Going On:

Perth detectives are hunting up to 20 youths, believed to be of African descent, who were involved in an attack on19-year-old James Claxon.  The young man was set upon by a group of up to 25 men in Perth’s C-B-D late on Friday night   at 11.30pm last night…

“The only thing I heard before they caught me was: `Who are these white c**ts?’ It was totally unprovoked…”


Michael Short in The Age, of all places:  Even in The Age, there’s disgust

Some things transcend politics and policy and the lust for power. Truth, honesty, integrity, decency and fairness are immutable values. They are the ethical substance of life. They ought to be cherished. To sell them out is to sell one’s soul. It is even worse when a leader expediently betrays these values, because it undermines the entire community. 

We have a duty to lead and inspire our young people, in particular. What are they, and indeed all of us, to make of a prime minister who judges it acceptable to blatantly, blithely break a written pledge in the name of base politics?

2 thoughts on “Happy Australia Day!”

  1. This attempt to ‘Shame” the “Australian” opposition leader has back fired big time.
    She, Gillard realized the shit had hit the fan ( (http://youtu.be/kZ8YykXekdE watch to the end) when we saw and heard her offering “Safe Haven’ to Abbott when her security realised that not only was Abbott’s safety in danger so was hers.

    Labor’s oldest attack dogs were so enraged by their Labor sponsored entitlement mentality they could not tell the difference between their master or their “Enemy” the man who served the Australian Flag.
    No matter , their lust for blood over rode their powers of discrimination between master and enemy, their desire to attack was paramount and after all they deserved it, they had been quite for so long , Lu Kewen aka. Kevin 07, had said sorry and they danced in the streets, imbibed in the Devil white man’s “Fire Water” Metho, Petrol and whatever else rang their bell.

    Remember that these “Children who are our future” who burnt and spat on the Australian Flag today 27 1 2012, http://youtu.be/V5cUCNTCKR8 are the Creation of the Progressive Left.

    The plight of Aborigines is the Gold Standard under the benevolent hand of International Socialism and that’s why the ALP , the Progressives are so determined to keep them PIG ignorant and Fucking each other and their children in the dark.

    1. SORRY DAY

      Yes indeed, lets hope it does backfire on the cretins who manufactured this crisis:

      A senior media adviser within the Prime Minister’s staff has been forced to resign after tipping off protesters about Tony Abbott’s remarks over the Canberra tent embassy.

      Tony Hodges, who has been on Julia Gillard’s staff since July 2009, admitted making a phone call alerting a person to the Opposition Leader’s comments.

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