India: Muselmanic Stampede Cures Mental Illness

RATLAM, Madhya Pradesh

At least 10 people were killed when a stampede broke out in Hussain Tekri; usually, persons suffering from mental illness visit the place in the belief that the visit to the sacred place will cure them of their problems.

In other news:

Closer ties to Israel upsets India’s Muslims  (Vlad)

Koranimals whine about “occupation?”

But of course it doesn’t apply to Cyprus, Egypt, Pakistan, and about 30 other countries around the world….

Kill Rushdie!

Indian Clerics Say Salman Rushdie Liable to be Killed’…

Palli Work Accident

  • GAZA — A Palestinian man who had been preparing an attack on Israeli targets was killed on Saturday in an explosion at the home of a militant leader in the Gaza Strip, his group said.

“Americans” Moving up in the  (jihad)  world

 Britain’s Foreign Office urged Britons in Kenya to be extra vigilant, warning that terrorists there may be “in the final stages of planning attacks.”

Sorry is the hardest word:

Switzerland: Axe Restores Family Honor 

A Swiss prosecutor has described as a “veritable slaughter” the vicious axe murder of a 16-year-old girl by her 53-year-old Paki  father, who believed his daughter had tarnished her family’s honour.