Indonesia's pluralism "questionable."


All it takes is a rumor or a fake e-mail, and the Koranimals go apeshit:

Moderate Muselmaniacs Attack Catholic Schools (BNI)

“Someone going by the name of Rudi Yohanes, who claims to be a student at the Pangudi Lujur 1 school, said on the social network that he was ‘anti-Islamic’. Fundamentalist groups react by attacking three Catholic schools, causing damages and the temporary closure of the facilities. In reality, the name and profile are fakes by an unknown user.”

Let’s keep those AID Dollars flowin, look how great that’s turnin out!

Human Rights Watch:

Violence against religious minorities in Indonesia “surges”

Wherever there arises a renewed interest in Sharia, the observable effect is that tolerance decreases and harassment increases, and violent persecution often results with the aim of putting the unbelievers in their supposed place. “Violence against Indonesia’s religious minorities surges -HRW,” from by Thin Lei Win for AlertNet, January 24 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

Not murdering minorities is not pluralism, and its not the same as tolerance.

Soldiers file past a burned out Ahmadiyah mosque in Java, Indonesia

Indonesia is often heralded for its pluralism by Western leaders as a nation showing other Muslim-majority states how to do moderate Islam. It is, we are told, a land of peace and pluralism. One pundit, in today’s Jakarta Globe says otherwise.

Calvin Michel Sidjaja, a researcher for HD Asia Advisory in Jakarta, calls Indonesia’s pluralism “questionable.”

Sidjaja alleges that religious violence has increased due to bias at Government levels. The Religious Affairs Ministry, he says, “has been traditionally slanted to favor Muslims. The Religious Affairs Minister openly stated his preference for disbanding Ahmadiyah in August 2010.”The Jakarta Post reported in 2011 that at least 26 regencies and municipalities had “passed bylaws restricting or banning the Ahmadiyah sect.” The Ahmadiyah faith was founded in India during the 19th century, and inspired by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad who claimed to be the Mahdi or final messenger of Islam.

“The absence of conflict does not mean our nation is peaceful;” says Sidjaja, “it is, in fact, a negative peace. Conflict is still likely in this nation of ours where oppression still continues.”
This oppression will continue until the last unbeliever is eliminated:
 “Allah wished to confirm the truth by His words: ‘Wipe the infidels out to the last.’” … (8:7)