Londonistan: "We know who you are, we know where you live and we will murder you and your families…"

“Strike terror in the hearts of the infidels…” (Koran 8:60)

Islamic Thugs  Derail Interfaith Event at Queen Mary College

A talk on sharia and human rights by NSS Council Member Anne Marie Waters’ at Queen Mary College, London was cancelled at the last moment because of an Islamist who made serious threats against everyone there. thanks to Vlad Tepes

The talk was due to take place on 16 January but before it started, a man entered the lecture theatre, stood at the front with a camera and filmed the audience. He then said that he knew who everyone was, where they lived and if he heard anything negative about the Prophet, he would track them down.

The man also filmed students in the foyer and threatened to murder them and their families. On leaving the building, he joined a large group of men, apparently there to support him. Students were told by security to stay in the lecture theatre for their own safety.

Jennifer Hardy, President of Queen Mary Atheism Society, who organised the event said: “This event was supposed to be an opportunity for people of different religions and perspectives to debate, at a university that is supposed to be a beacon of free speech and debate.

“Only two complaints had been made to the Union prior to the event, and the majority of the Muslim students at the event were incredibly supportive of it going ahead. These threats were an aggressive assault on freedom of speech and the fact that they led to the cancellation of our talk was severely disappointing for all of the religious and non-religious students in the room who wanted to engage in debate.”

The police were contacted about the incident.

You can read Anne Marie Waters’ account of the event here.

John Sobiesky:

Now this is what I call “making a clear statement”. You’ve got to hand it to the adventurous jihadists for the boldness of their direct actions. The psychological impact will be profound. The pure insanity is that most of those who were present at this conference will probably keep on asking themselves if more interfaith dialogue couldn’t have harmoniously resolve the issue. I wonder if this isn’t what a typical sheep thinks when it faces a pack of wolves.

Here’s a vid from the attack on Lars Hedegard in a Swedish university, which could be fended off by skilled security personnel.

Just goes to show that here, like everywhere else,  Muslims will not tolerate any critique of Islam and resort to criminal aggression and violence.

8 thoughts on “Londonistan: "We know who you are, we know where you live and we will murder you and your families…"”

  1. And the British Police did WHAT?????????????????????
    Oh sorry I forgot they are an oppressed minority the Mohammedans kid gloves everybody.

  2. * And the British Police did WHAT?????????????????????

    Waited for the Crown Prosecution Service to prosecute the haters that organised the event and caused hurt feelings and upset sensibilities.

  3. Can anyone post photos of the musim who threatened students or the group that waiting for him. If you people in London are to cowardly or too stupid to protect yourselves from these muslim parasites another group will – give those photos to the system admins (sheik) – do not post them online and I will ask him to post themk onto me – the matter will then be taken further (and of course the laws of the UK will be respected). A note to the London police – you morons failed again, as you continually fail when you are asked to protect society against islamic pasrasites – why are we paying you?????

  4. kaw,
    The Establishment (Police, Government) all of them have failed the British people. Any self respecting decent patriot in the Government services would never sell out their righteous ideals for a ‘handful of silver’.

    Rotten to the core.

  5. Very Very Good, This is going to Happen in All the Universities of Europe, Canada and America. If the West will not Understand the Truth of Islam. Jesus Said to Us (you shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free). It is time for the West to Know the Truth.

  6. This is a good thing. The more these crazed Mohammedans keep disrupting civil events like this the better. The people are awakening to the true nature of Islam and its vile and cancerous teachings

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