Meet Our New Friends & Business partners: the Taliban & the Muslim Brotherhood!

“Non violent, largely secular Muslim Brotherhood”

Outreach & Diversity in the age of Deceit

Historic shift in U.S. foreign policy: Obama seeks ties with Muslim Brotherhood

Reaching out in friendship to a group dedicated in its own words to “eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within.”


Israel Security Council:

Obama Naive on Muslim Brotherhood 

(Naive? Not. He is one of them. The MB are his Muslim brothers.  The enemy is in the white house Homolulu!)

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Our friends, the Taliban:

Pakis, Taliban & Al Qaeda Unite Against the West

“For God’s Allah’s sake, forget all your differences and give us fighters to boost the battle against America in Afghanistan,” senior al-Qaida commander Abu Yahya al-Libi told Pakistani fighters …” (Blaze)

Don’t they know that they’re not the enemy, per se?

U.S. “agrees in principle” to release top Taliban prisoners, possibly to third country

Ehsan, the Pakistani Taliban spokesman, said the militants agreed, but that did not mean the group would end its fight against the Pakistani government.

“We will continue our jihad against Pakistani security forces,” Ehsan pledged. “ (Blaze)

That’ll work beautifully….

 Trouble in paradise:

Pakistani Taliban leaders “at each others’ throats”

Awwww. More on this story. It is unfortunate that it does not look as if anyone (least of all Pakistan) is pressing for a military advantage while the group is floundering; theCIA has suspended drone strikes as of last month. It would appear that this is an opportunity that is being allowed to pass. “Exclusive: Pakistan Taliban commanders ‘at each other’s throats’,” by Chris Allbritton for Reuters, January 3:

What could go wrong?