Muselmaniacs Demand Control of the NYPD

Alternative Universe:

 “There has to be oversight”

Cyrus McGoldrick is a  and a rapper who is using his  to shine a light on misconceptions of his religion.  He was born in Rhode Island and raised Catholic.

Apologies not enough; Koranimals demand resignations of Raymond Kelly, and …. oversight!

“Our tax dollars”– “we have over 600 Muslim police officers in the police department”– (can someone verify that?)

Appeasement Sux

First they hang Kelly, then they hang you, Bloomberg. (BNI)

Muselmaniacs Upset Police Does Their Job

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  1. Equal access means equal access. Right? Not for Christians in New York City. Last week the city’s Department of Education reversed course on its policy of allowing religious congregations the use of public schools for Sunday worship services, sending pastors packing with just six weeks to find a new home.

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