National Union of Journalists Guidelines on Race Reporting

Vlad Tepes: Rules for journalists by the National Union of Journalists

This explains a great deal.  This is  why the news is totally out of touch with the reality on the ground.  It would be an interesting contest to see who can find the most contradictions in this clearly socialist driven agenda.  The NUJ is a very influential organization.

NUJ guidelines on race reporting

 The NUJ reaffirms its total opposition to censorship but equally reaffirms its belief that press freedom must be conditioned by responsibility and an acknowledgement by all media workers of the need not to allow press freedom to be abused to slander a section of the community or to promote the evil of racism.

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So this is what you get with “fair and balanced” 

In light of NBC’s atrocious Andrea Mitchell denouncing Iowa as “too white, too evangelical, too rural”:

A Fair and Balanced Andrea Mitchell  (Moonbattery)

Its already implemented in the UK:

Yesterday, two men were found guilty of murdering the negro Stephen Lawrence in 1993. Those outside of Britain probably have little idea of how politically consequential this case has been. It has been turned into a veritable political cult, used to drive the “Diversity Macht Frei” agenda and push the British peoples’ dispossession of their own homeland.

One of the first things Labour did when it came to power in 1997 was commission an inquiry into the incident. This resulted in the MacPherson report which raised racism to the level of heresy and led to an inquisitorial thought-crime apparatus being installed throughout British society. MacPherson offered the absurd definition of a racist incident as:

The definition of a “racist incident” will now include incidents categorised in policing terms both as crimes and non-crimes. It will now encompass “any incident which is perceived to be racist by the victim or any other person”.

This definition has now been adopted by the EU.
Reflections on the Stephen Lawrence Verdict   (Cheradenine Zakalwe)