Norwegian Moonbat Gets 101 Interfaith Experience

Boyfriend could not control rage after his marriage proposal was turned down

A Norwegian girl was brutally attacked by her boyfriend as she refused to marry him.

Twenty four year old Sulvy Leopreez Sakkur was severely beaten by her Egyptian millionaire boyfriend.  

The lady confirmed the news in an interview with Al Wafd newspaper. She identified her boyfriend as Ahmed AL Ajati, the son of Egyptian millionaire Yahiya Al Ajati.   She said, “The reason behind this was because I refused to marry him and asked him to end our relationship”.

Sulvy said she feared to speak up about her ordeal for fear of being punished more by the businessman and his son.

The incident took place on September 7th when she was in her flat at Ma’adi accompanied by her boyfriend. Sulvy asked him to end their relationship and refused his marriage proposal.

She was surprised by his reactiono as he started screaming hysterically then hit her small dog on the wall and trumpled it under his feet.

She pleaded and begged him to stop, but instead directed his anger towards her. He hit her hard on his face and stomach.

She experienced heavy blood flow from her mouth and face. Her neighbour heard the comotion and inquired about the reason for her cries. But Ahmed threatened to beat Sulvy more if she dared to open her mouth.

Ahmed AL Ajat lied to the neighbour who was at the door of her apartment.

Soon after he dragged Sulvy by her hair from her apartment from the fifth floor to the ground and pulled her into the car.

Sulvy tried to call her friend but could not manage to do so as Ahmed grabbed her hand and threw the mobile out of the car.

Sulvy testified that she was saved by pedestrians who carried her to the hospital and reported the incident to the police. But she feared more torture from the powerful business family.


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  1. Noone has ever said no to these spoiled brats in their whole lives..They don’t take no very well. Unfortunately other groups not just muslims , spoil their boys like this. These boys NEVER grow up to be men in the western sense of the word. They only ever cause trouble in western countries.
    Western young women need to wise up…This won’t be the last time this type of thing happens.

  2. An well appreciated article : Hindus are grossly endangered and degraded by their Muslim neighbors.
    Posted by hinduexistence on January 7, 2012
    Beware of Allah’s Dogs, Islamic Thugs and Muslim Neighbors.
    by~Upananda Brahmachari.
    For our protection from these type Muslim neighbors, please try to understand these factors. When they are 5% only they are submissive, even they can hold your feet to have your favour. When they are about 10%, Muslims try to franchise their self identity. In the span of 15%-25%, Muslims successfully demand and procure their reservation-rights-might. If they are in the hold of 25%-30% of population, they claim their land and gradually surface them as persecutors. 30%-40% strength of a Muslim populace paves a transition for a Dar-ul-Islam (Land of Islam). 50% Muslim population always creates a Islamic Country where the rights of others (non-Muslims) are snatched permanently. We can judge the temperament of our Muslim neighbor in this light more or less. Otherwise we can shake hand with the Islamic peril for us. We are now compelled to say no to Muslims neighbors. Exceptions are always welcome. See details in :

  3. In Nomine Iesu Christe, Fili Dei et Domine Nostris.

    Animals will behave like animals….what did you expect? Typical “Peace loving” behaviour for the follower of the “Most peaceful religion on Earth”. Oil money is all that makes these rich arabs seem like humans…..take away the oil and the money, and they remain the sand monkeys they always have been.

    @Theresaj: Young western women are very naive and too gullible. Easy fodder for Muslim men. This male creature has money, so he thinks he will get away with it. And he will, too!! Because the police and governments are too scared to deal with these Muslim vermin…….

    We need the Holy Crusades to begin again……. sensibly, this time around. Time to “turn the other cheek” has long gone.

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