Now you know why dead Talibandits smell so good!

In December 2011 a “doctor”  Muhammad Andar from ‘the voice of jihad’   claimed   “our dead do not decay while giving off a pleasant fragrance” 

Now that a vid has surfaced that  shows U.S. troops urinating over a bunch of  Tali-cadavers the mystery  behind the pleasant fragrance is no longer a secret:  the science is settled!

Thanks to Vlad for making the (uncensored) vid available!

7 thoughts on “Now you know why dead Talibandits smell so good!”

  1. Looked harmless. I think they were just trying to clean up the dead so a proper autopsy could be done.

    Seeing as water is a very valuable source in that part of the world its fitting that soldiers use their ingenuity, ‘improvise, adapt and overcome’.

    Well done lads 😉

  2. Can’t see what the problem is.

    It’s not as though they’re wasting real piss (Aussie slang for beer) on them.

  3. What’s the problem. Dont followers of islam say “Piss be upon him” after saying the name of their prophet.

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