Obama's Jihad Against Free Speech

Complete Surrender:

The Obama administration regime is consulting Muslim Brotherhood leader Yusuf al-Qaradawi as an intermediary in negotiations with the Taliban. The surrender is now complete — the United States government has gone over to the enemy, and no one in the country is paying any attention. They’re too busy tracking the poll numbers on Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, and Rick Perry.

God help us all.

Here is Qaradawi  calling on Muslims to Oppose French Bill Criminalizing Denial of Armenian Genocide  (MEMRI)

Grim reality check:

‘Dictator’: Beck Blasts Obama Move

‘The Man is a Dictator’: Beck Blasts Obama’s Move to Circumvent Congress

A glance around the globe reveals a not-so-rosy picture  (BCF)

This will be a year of disillusionment. But it is better to live in reality than under an illusion.

Abroad, it’s the year the so-called Arab Spring will bear its bitter fruit. Syria’s dictator, Bashar Assad, will surely tumble. A year ago, some utopian fools, mainly in the press gallery and the White House, would have suggested he would be succeeded by some sort of democracy.

That self-delusion isn’t possible anymore after the disasters in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya, where dictatorships were replaced by even worse Islamic fundamentalist parties.


HARVARD UNIVERSITY now has an Islam(sharia)-compliant speech code

FAITH FREEDOM (H/T Susan K)  In response to the article which dealt with wiping out Islamic terror, Harvard University’s faculty has acted like a lynch-mob and voted to cancel two of Swamy’s courses in Economics leading to outrage among free speech advocates around the world. (BNI)

No one, not even especially NOT Muslims, should be a legally protected class from being offended on account of their religion. With this jihad against free speech, Harvard has become a persecutor of free people ….. (PAMELA GELLER:   Harvard sells out free speech for Islamic Supremacism)

Muhammad didn’t Skype either

United in Hate:

Al Qaeda and Taliban Uniting With Paki Terrorists Against U.S. in Afghanistan

“Forget all your differences and… boost the battle against America.”  Read More »

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Warns Employers:

We need more like him, many more:
Meet  “The Devil of Ramadi”- just wondering why they put his picture in the paper. Does the enemedia want to get him killed?
“You probably deserved to lose a few men…”

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  1. The “Party of Lincoln” has flipped and is now the Party of our old friend, the Southern racist bigot. You all remember them. They brought us Slavery and the Civil War. Then came “Jim Crow” and lynching and segregation. Lovely fellows that are sadly still around today doing their evil deeds. More convinced these trolls are racists, becuse they are! See wht happens when a black man becomes pPresident? They deny and lie about their racism, use that tired excuse about critizing the policies that they never talk about and resort to their racist rants!

    The Republican party is hell bent upon destroying us, the Endangered Middle Class. Why else would Congressional and Senatorial Republicans try to eliminate Social Security and Medicare through the Ryan Plan, in addition to killing almost every job bill that the White House has proposed? The proposed bills could have added thousands, if not tens of thousands, of high paying jobs to a crippled economy.

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