Planet South Africa, a place for dark people in Mercedes-Benzes

The Ultimate Irony

The dream was Mandela accepting the Nobel Peace Prize for all who  opposed racism. It was awarded to him, the ANC and all South Africa’s people.  The reward was to be freedom and democracy in an open society which respected the rights of all individuals.

This is the fantasy.  What is the reality?  Mass genocide of Boer farmers.

In southern Africa a racial minority is being subjected to discrimination, oppressive racial quotas in education, violence, rape, and murder at the hands of the dominant racial group.I refer, of course, to the whites of South Africa.What? You didn’t know about any of this? That’s no surprise, because the major media outlets observe a code of silence on the subject. What is happening in South Africa is rarely mentioned in the mainstream press of the Western democracies.According to current multicultural orthodoxy, what is being done to white South Africans is not even an example of racism, since non-whites can never be racists. It simply isn’t possible … (GOV-  Read more »)

Tutu Rat

Blacks should compensate Whites for giving them South Africa

Whites have given blacks the entire country for free. In tact. There is nothing more to give. Today blacks are destroying all the infrastructure that we paid for and built. Then still has the audacity to tell whites they should leave.

What I want to know is who are going to compensate whites for all the schools, hospitals, dams, airports, harbours, railroads, etc that they have built? It is high time for blacks to start paying whites. Nothing is for free.

Bishop Tutu and De Vos can start by selling their mansions and BMW’s and give it to the poor white fund of Solidarity “Helpende Hand”.


Read how the new ANC gouvernment has done so far in creating a “New Rainbow Nation” down South. This inserts and media contributions- are not faked, but reflects the real situation and “cloak and dagger” operations of the ANC under which normal citizens have to “prosper.” The newspaper clips, and replies- are original too. This is what the ANC regime do not reveal to the outside world.

“Kill the Whites”

There is racial genocide of the South African Boers taking place right now. The Western media is complicit. They know all about it because they have agents and reporters there, but keep it from the outside world,  to allow it to go on.

The South African Scene

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  1. I watched a show a few years back, it was a talk show in Sweden. A black woman was arguing vociferously that there should be no white people in South Africa. I think she missed the irony of her argument…

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