See No Jihad, Speak No Jihad

See No Jihad, Speak No Jihad

In the last several months, there have been five separate attacks on Western forces by uniformed Afghan army members Taliban infiltrators.  (TROP links)

Diana West is outraged U.S. investigators keep ‘secret’ about Afghanis killing Americans

Will pretending that it isn’t Jihad make it go away?

Is there a single public official who is examining – who cares about – the murder spree by Afghan security forces against Western troops and security contractors in Afghanistan? I can list well over 40 such murders in the past two years. These incidents even have their own phrase in military jargon – “green-on-blue” shootings – but the color we should all be seeing is red. Does Obama see red? Pelosi? Romney? Newt? Anyone?

There will be Compo Jihad:

Tourism Down $2.5 Billion in Post-Revolution Egypt…

How dare these dirty kafirs stay away from our Islamic Egypt?

The Jews Cause Jihad?

Islamic jihadist accused of terror attack in Thailand: the Jews set me up

No shiite!?

UK Rape Jihad

UK Muslim Rapes Three Girls at One Time…

Nothing to do with Islam, you racist bigot Islamophobe, you. Stop tarnishing the religion of peace!

Muslim Posers

French Jewish Students Pose as Muslims to Avoid Beatings…

Another Cartoon Controversy (Answering Muslims)

“Sunnis are blowing up Shias; Christians are being murdered persecuted by the hundreds; Teenage girls are being butchered by their fathers; Terrorist groups are plotting their next attack; And Muslims in the UK are complaining about. . . cartoons.”