Syria: Arab League monitor calls situation a "humanitarian disaster" as UN hears of heightened crackdown since mission began…

Syria mission ‘a farce’

No surprises here. Assad’s got nowhere to go. He’ll might not stand and fight like a man, but he won’t just hand it over to the Muslim Brotherhood either.

A former Arab League observer to Syria has decried the organisation’s monitoring mission to the country as a “farce”, as the UN Security Council heard that security forces had stepped up its killing of protesters after the arrival of the observers.

Anwar Malek, an Algerian Arab League observer who was part of the monitoring team, told Al Jazeera that he resigned because of what he saw, and said that the mission was falling apart.

Walter Duranty sends his regards:

SHE CAN’T BE SYRIOUS:  human rights activist Kellie Tranter describes the atrocities in Syria as “a media beat-up”.  (Tim Blair)

Human Rights Watch’s Roth complains about Israel’s willingness to absorb refugees

Israel is preparing to accept a number of Alawite refugees from Syria – at least temporarily – in the event that Bashar al-Assad falls. ‘Human Rights Watch’ executive director Ken Roth complains:

Israel willing to absorb some refugees–not  Palestinians, but  Syrian Alawites.

The Alawites’ lives would be in danger if it comes down to Assad falling. The ‘Palestinians’ lives are not in any danger. I guess Roth would rather see the Alawites die than see Israel save them. Sounds like a position Hamas or Hezbullah might take.

Why am I not surprised?  (Israel Matzav)

Attention Seeker?

Latino “Revert” Comes Down With “Sudden Jihad Syndrome”,  Starts Shooting at Cops

Luis Ibarra-Hernandez wanted to do something extreme “to draw attention to Islam and himself.” So he fired on the police.  The article did not say if he was here legally but the department is checking his immigration status.  ( Alabama Sudden Jihad Syndrome – GSWP)

Afghan Honor Killing in Canada

Shafia mass murder trial resumes. (Vlad Tepes)

Canadians should just forget their entire legal history and belief in the value of human rights and the silly notion that people have a right to not be murdered, doubly so by their own parents.

“Help help, I’m shooting people”-

What father dressed as Santa told 911 dispatcher when cries of ‘help, help’ were heard in background as he shot dead whole family on Christmas Day…(Daily Mail)

“This is the coward’s way out.”

The families of eight murder victims are outraged and onlookers dumbfounded as outgoing Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour pardoned seven men convicted of murder … (The Blaze)

We’re all Taliban now!

Report: Obama Freed Top Taliban Leaders From Gitmo

Obama released three top Taliban terrorist leaders from the prison this week.
Press TV reported, via WCBM& GWP


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  2. As far as Syria is concerned, I’m delighted whenever Muslims kill Muslims of whatever stripe — I wish Assad would mow them all down, as his father did.

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