Turkish Cypriot War Criminal Rauf Denktash Kicks the Bucket at 88

Rauf Denktash, Turkish Cypriot terrorist leader and war criminal, is dead

By Sheik Yer’mami

Turkish Cypriot War Criminal Rauf Denktash Kicks the Bucket at 88

Good Riddance to bad rubbish!

Denktash was was a double faced bastard, responsible for killing many Greek Cypriots, POW’s and even a lot Turkish Cypriots who just wanted peace.   He pretended he wanted peace but in reality he was an Islamic supremacist  and  self-serving thug who made a fortune for his clan.

He lived long enough to see Greek Cypriots drill for gas and get rich while his fellow turkish Cypriots beg for Greek Cypriot passports in order to seek welfare in EU countries.

The division of Cyprus is a small price to pay to keep Turkey out of the EU. Standing firm on Cyprus is the most effective way to make the Turkish EU ambition collapse.

The whole Christian heritage of northern Cyprus has been destroyed for ever.

There are now 45,000 Turkish soldiers and 180,000 Turkish settlers brought in from Eastern Anatolia to change the demographic balance. 

Mass murders of captured Greek soldiers and civilians:

Skeletons are still being found in shallow graves and wells. 200,000 Greek Cypriots fled to the south, to the USA and to Britain. Ethnic cleansing. Just a few hundred Greeks remain in the north, in two village enclaves.

Total of 550 churches destroyed. The EU has financed moves to restore churches but what little work has been done has been done without Christian expert involvement, the work has been done by the Turks as they see fit!

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5 thoughts on “Turkish Cypriot War Criminal Rauf Denktash Kicks the Bucket at 88”

  1. What about all the Turkish Cypriots who had to flee their homes with only the clothes on their backs as they were expelled from the south, what about the elderly Turkish Cypriots who couldnt flee and were consequenly tortured and killed by Greek soldiers, Turkish Cypriots are the minority it’s was the Greek government who was performing the ethnic cleansing. I’m surprised during your so called research you failed to stumble upon the injustice Turkish Cypriots have also faced.

  2. How about you focus on one issue at a time, some of your websites information is a little OTT but some makes clear sense and attacks the uneducation of Islam in todays world. tTis issue regarding Denktas seems to be focused on preserving Christian land. Turks are not a Holy conquest, after the Ottoman Empires fall they only look after there own as they did in Cyprus. I know both parties are to fault regarding the Cyprus issue but the Greek Cypriot side did try to union the island with Greece and be it via force, killings, payment cleanse the Turkish Cypriots out from the Island. I am ethnically Turkish Cypriot living in the UK and Islam and some of it ways do not effect us, our Culture is more important and with this article you are basically telling all Turkish Cypriots that they should also piss off back to Turkey. Like mentioned, I think you have forgotten about the while picture as your blinded with your own hate towards Islam and don’t do what you say that all Muslims do and say I dont hate but… because its clear that your attacking everything regarding the religion. I am not remotely religious as my cultural ties are a lot more important. A Proud Turkish Cypriot.

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