Mickey Mouse Jihad

Mickey Mouse Jihad

This guy needs to get the hell out of Dodge Egypt: businessman [billionaire and telecom mogul], Naguib Sawiris is dragged before the courts for “contempt of Islam.”

“The offensive images caused an uproar among conservative ‎Muslims”

Egyptian Cleric says, “Anyone who insults the paedophile prophet Mohammed, MUST be killed, even if he repents.” (BNI)

Beleaguered Coptic business tycoon and liberal icon Naguib Sawiris accused by Islamic fundamentalist attorney of profiting from close association ‎with ousted Mubarak regime .

Ali Ismail, a lawyer for Egyptian Islamist movement Al-Jamaa Al-‎Islamiya, has lodged a complaint against Coptic-Christian ‎billionaire Naguib Sawiris with Egypt’s Illicit Gains Authority, ‎accusing the high-profile businessman of the illegal acquisition ‎of wealth.‎ (Al Ahram)

Peanut Khadr smells blood too: