Paki TV host suffers from  haranguengis Talibanensis, spooks lovers…..

A private Paki TV station decided to fire a popular morning show host after she sparked outrage by running around a public park trying to expose young, unmarried couples hanging out, a taboo in this conservative hardcore Muslim country.

General Boykin Withdraws From West Point Talk

Another victory for Islam, Truth is the New HateSpeech— “Incendiary rhetoric regarding Islam….”

General Boykin has described Islam as “a totalitarian way of life” and said that Islam should not be protected under the First Amendment.  (NYT)

General Boykin is one of the United States’ most accomplished and decorated military heroes.  NoFree Speech — For Him!

Baby Snake Killer

Sixteen-foot-long pythons


Pro-Muslim Enemedia

It is one thing to disagree with someone or their views; it’s something else when you blatantly lie, have no proof to back up what you are claiming and then you call it journalism. (GoV)