Weaving Norwegians Into the Multicultural Fabric

2 articles  by Cheradenine Zakalwe

Calling Muslim Crim’s “Norwegians” is ‘racist!’

Belgium: Because political correctness prevents those truly responsible for the crime and insecurity that now blights the city – North African Muslims – being named, people say “Norwegians” instead.

The New York Times has expertise in ‘weaving’

The answer, apparently, is more pandering to the soldiers of allah:  weave Islam into the education system (even more!) and “consult” Muslim organisations regularly.

The NYT also tells us that the French are bitter clingers:

 “the French state clings to the principle of “laïcité,” or secularism — but the state’s recognition of Easter and Christmas as official holidays feels, to some Jews and Muslims, like hypocrisy.”

Parents would be well advised to keep their kids away from Tariq Ramadan buddy Jonathan Laurence, an associate professor of political science at Boston College! Contact Information here.


One thought on “Weaving Norwegians Into the Multicultural Fabric”

  1. Norwegian is an ethnic identity.
    And Norwegians are Norwegians, and their immigrants should never, ever be called Norwegian.

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