A Message From Sergio Redegalli

After personally spending time in a Burqa, I can without hesitation state that they are too dangerous to drive in.

I am going to add the wording, “ before it kills” to the painting.

Please  pass these images to anyone you know.

Stand with us against misogyny, polygamy, wife-beating, child-marriage, honor killings forced veiling and the exclusion of women from public life.


In other news:

4 thoughts on “A Message From Sergio Redegalli”

  1. good point – safety aspect should take priority over islamic dogma and islamic dogma has not value, whatsoever, in our society

  2. Truly a dangerous, ugly garment – and apart from the danger it adds to driving in it – it is also a health risk. Woman dressed like pillar boxes – no sunlight – health issues from lack of vitamin D, deformities. Sad – and all caused by a stupid, satanic cult which puts little value on women.

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