"Who Killed Whitney Houston?"

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Look out for ambulance chaser Geraldo. He’s gonna milk that story till the cows come home:

Whitney Houston Dies at Age 48

She was bankrupt.

‘Whitney’s fortune is gone. Music industry heavy hitters are supporting her and her label is fronting her cash against her next album, but no one knows when that will be released’ a source told Radaronline.com.

‘She might be homeless if not for people saving her. She is broke as a joke.’– Daily Mail has more plus lotsa pics

Needless to mention that Whitney had a long history of drug abuse, among other things.

17 thoughts on “"Who Killed Whitney Houston?"”

  1. “If i should die don’t cry don’t cry just buried me because on earth we wasn’t meant to stay”. R.I.P Whitney Houston


  3. Whitney i miss you. I pray that GOD gives her family the strength to cope. Here in Jamaica all the Radio & T V Stations are paying tribute to Whitney each day. I always hope that she would find the strength and will power to get off what ever she was on. I will never forget her.Gone but not forgotten.

  4. Whitney you were my hero, nevertheless what you did, but you will be remembered as good you were in music. rest in peace

  5. I never was a Whitney Houston Fan (more inspired by the Rolling Stones), but she had my age and her music accompanied some of the most important moments in my life.
    What the devil killed her? I can’t hear anymore that it were drugs and alcohol. Of course she had some problems. But what definitively killed her was her own expectation, the expectation of her audiance, so it was us (or “we”, sorry I’m no native english speaker).
    It was that damned one note in “We will always love you”. In the video of her last Brisbane concert, you can see, how afraid she was of this damned high note. A note, that she hit perfectly, when she was 28. A note that each decade perhaps 10 professional singers (classic and opera included) are able to hit. But you can’t expect a 46-48 years old woman, whose voice chords are no more that elastic to sing and look like a 28 years old girl.
    Most of todays female singers do not hit any note. They talk in the micro, and the vocalizer tranposes this to any note you want (I think it was Cher who invented this technique 20 years ago). Whitney never used those electronoc digital effects. She tried and tried hard, took approach, let the last note to her background singers… She tried anything to fulfill you/our expectation. But it was not reachable.
    So you/we killed her, by giving her the impression of expecting her with 48 to look and sound like a 28 years old girl…!!!

  6. Klaus from Germany… I wish there was a like button to like your comment! Like okay, yeah, she was a drug addict…. Drug addicts cannot handle that kinda pressure… F*** that high note! RIP Whitney Houston.

  7. Whitney, you gave and gave and gave. All your talent and grace and oh some many costume changes you had because you left thousands of beautiful photos. We know that alone was a lot of work, always with a “sparkle” in your eye and a smile of generosity on your face. You knew how to perform like no other, pure talent. And the way you bowed at the end of a performance, what a gift you had the way you spoke with your body in such a unique professional way. We knew we were with a talent at the height of excellence, a pure talent. Thank you Whitney, there will never be another you. Thank you for leaving us so much. Sparkle was another great performance and production, the script, the story, the acting, your acting . As executive producer , you put a movie out that will have a long life of its own. Congratulations, it is a shame you weren’t here to receive all the great reviews. Wow, Wow, Wow Whitney! I am watching it for the third time tonight. Truly right up there with your other movies if not better. My only complaint is it wasn’t longer with more scences with you in them.

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