“Almost Biblical” Artsy Fartsy Islam Promo

 “The winning photo shows a poignant, compassionate moment…”

PuffHo calls it “an amazing, moving, deep photo”- you know how ‘deep’ libtards are.

“We might never know who this woman is…”

I guess PuffHo people care:

 “the man might have been the woman’s husband, but he was not sure. He said the image has religious “almost Biblical” overtones and noted its resemblance in composition to Michelangelo’s Pieta – but in a Muslim setting.

“Almost biblical”. Just like stoning adulterous women.

Samuel Aranda Wins World Press Photo Of The Year Award For Arab Spring Shot —  By TOBY STERLING, Associated Press

Frankly, I liked the hooker better:

How come they didn’t find this pic of dead Shiite kids, freshly murdered by a righteous Sunni Muslim, worthy of a price?

5 thoughts on ““Almost Biblical” Artsy Fartsy Islam Promo”

  1. Burquas and blood, what better symbolizes the insanity of Islam?

    What the dhimmi and other assorted useful idiot culture refuses to see is that this photo indicts the Muslims, and only the Muslims, regarding THEIR incessant problems with the other 5.5 billion people on this planet. While the liber/conservatard dhimmis feel a little tear running down their cheeks at this photo, I feel a little vomit in my throat. It’s a total farcical play on Michelangelo’s Pieta. And, since when is the mythic madonna/child icon a part of Islam? You’d think that this photographer, given that he’s supposedly an artist, would know this. Give me a f*cking break.

  2. The image of the child screaming in the midst of all the dead and injured is mind blowing and intense. A horrible horrible scene, and one CANNOT imagine what she is feeling at that moment, no one could, unless they had ever been in that exact situation.

    We always think we can, and people always say ‘I can only imagine, or we can only imagine’ (as I always did in the past) and then one day my greatest fear came true, my 15 yr old son had died in a sudden and physically traumatic manner, and believe me…you have no clue until something traumatic happens to you the absolute intensity of fear, pain, confusion, shock, grief, disbelief, denial – just all at once.

    That poor girl, and those poor people. I feel so sorry for the women and children who reside in the living hell on earth of ISLAM (or pisslam as I like to say)

    At Pray Hard, come on dude, a bomb just went off, give the photographer a break, it’s not like he was able to pose the people. As far as the jew hating muzzie loving HuffPo people, screw ’em.

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