Bunch of racist bigot Islamophobes jump pious Muslims on Continental flight to Houston

Koranimals screaming “Allah is the greatest” arrested after causing disturbance Continental flight to Houston

Muslims screaming “Allah is greater” arrested after causing disturbance, tackled by other passengers on Continental flight to Houston

“Two Middle Eastern men” on a Continental flight from Portland to Houston.

One of them was causing the major portion of the trouble. “He was screaming, ‘Allah is great, Allah is great,’ you know, and it kinda worries you when all of that happens…” says a passenger on the flight in the video above.

The KHOU story (thanks to Robert) doesn’t mention this, and says the flight turned around and landed back in Portland because one of them wouldn’t obey the “No Smoking” sign.

Also in the video above: “TSA did tell 11 News that it was not a security issue.” Uh huh. It never is. Go back to sleep, folks.

4 thoughts on “Bunch of racist bigot Islamophobes jump pious Muslims on Continental flight to Houston”

  1. Folks – the muslim call means , literally, “my god is the greatest”. It is not a statement of faith, it is an agressive and viscous posturing symbol that is designed to infer contempt and disgust on all things non-muslim. This call does not belong to any civilised society.

  2. Stupid, attention-whore Muslims. I’m waiting for the time they pull this sh*t on a plane load of law enforcement or martial arts guys. “Not a security issue” … my ass. Any time there is a disturbance on a plane, it’s a security issue. More dumbass, dhimmi law enforcement propaganda.

  3. Once again the facts are not shared…. not a security risk, duh!
    I would have reacted the same way if I heard them calling out that Allah is Great. From what I have heard that statement is the final statement made before an action which is detrimental to everyone else around the person making the statement…..like 9/11, or suicide bombers etc……
    So sick of being treat like a mushroom, kept in the dark and fed bull@#it!

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