Ethnic Cleansing of Catholics from Bosnia

Radio Vatikan. The Voice of the Pope and the World Church,” the German-language division of Vatican Radio, is not as politically correct as the Pope himself — who became very quiet after apologizing for quoting the Byzantine Emperor Manuel II Paleologos, who said in 1391: “Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.”

Yesterday, February 2, 2012, there were, for example, two articles about the ethnic cleansing of Christians in Africa: “Nigeria: The Muslims could do more (to stop Boko Haram)” and “Egypt: Extremists attack Copts“.

I have translated the text introducing a radio programme on “Bosnia: The Ethnic Cleansing of Catholics” (from German):

Until the early nineties there lived 820,000 Christians in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Since the Balkan War broke out, their number has shrunk by nearly half, to 460,000 people. The exodus of Catholic Croats from Bosnia-Herzegovina does not stop: because of countless everyday problems, constant tension and a growing Islamic radicalism.

“The war broke out then because of a lack of tolerance – with the goal of stirring up ethnic divisions. But unfortunately the implementation of the Dayton Peace Accord turned out to be almost a continuation of this ethnic cleansing. Specifically, it authorised the division of Bosnia-Herzegovina into two parts, the Federation and the Serb Republic. As a result of the Dayton Accord the Croats see no other option but to leave the country. They no longer have the political strength that could have led them to stay despite the difficulties. A small Catholic community there has opted for self-dissolution.“

Burqa Mockery Causes Church Burning

But Croatia, the “motherland” of the Catholics in Bosnia, is preparing for the transition to the EU: a referendum on this topic a week ago resulted in a large majority in favour. Does that give the Bosnian Croats hope?

“We had hoped that Croatia, in its own interests, would promote and bring about our survival – the survival of the Catholic Croats in Bosnia=Herzegovina. As in a certain sense we are a bridge for Croatia between two larger peoples. But now with its entry to the EU Croatia may cut off its border with Bosnia-Herzegovina and leave the Catholic Croats to their fate.“

A fate that appears to have been mapped out. Especially thanks to the rise of a radical Islam of a Wahhabist character which is increasingly displacing the once so tolerant Bosnian Islam. Suffragan bishop Sudar has the impression that radical Islam now intends to advance into Europe according to plan. Bosnia is where the forces are currently concentrated.

“At this moment these tensions are felt worldwide and unfortunately religion is being used for goals that have nothing to do with it. If intolerant Islam gains ground in Bosnia-Herzegovina, its first victims will be our local Muslims. The fundamental problem with us here is that injustice has partly become an everyday phenomenon. And unfortunately even the representatives of the international community have contributed to that: not everyone has an interest in seeing the situation here normalised…”

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  1. Surely Sheikh you mean ethnic cleansing byCatholics.

    Inform Clinton.NATO will soon be at service of the Umma.

  2. This is something I followed very closely during the Bosnian conflict. On many many occasions the Nazi Croats and the Muslims sided against the Serbs.

    Even doing their dirty work together.

    Sheik research Croatias background checkerboard emblem of today it’s the same one that hung over their death camps in WW2. the very same death camps where Jews and Serbs were butchered.

    Balls to the Croats their evil past is coming back to them.

  3. Jihadists Still Active in Bosnia

    Wahhabism still on the rise in Bosnia. From Reuters:

    Bosnian police have uncovered a large cache of weapons and detained a new suspect in the course of their inquiry into a June bomb attack that killed one policeman and injured six others, the prosecutor’s office said.

    The attack, outside a police station in the town of Bugojno, was one of the most serious security incidents in the Balkan country since an ethnic war ended in 1995.

    Shortly after the blast, police arrested the suspected mastermind and his helper — both believed to be followers of the radical Sunni Muslim Wahhabi sect…

    The Wahhabi sect has taken root in Bosnia under the influence of Islamists from abroad, some of whom stayed on after fighting alongside Bosnian Muslims during the 1992-95 war.

    Last year, I sat down with Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremik (watch here, here and here) for an exclusive interview in which we discussed, in part, the rise of Wahhabi Islam in neighboring Bosnia. You can watch my full report on Serbia by clicking on the viewer below.

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