Fox Libtards Baffled by Resistance to Islam in Belgium

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Look how this Fox-journo has his tail between his legs as he laments the ‘provocation’ of Muslims, who, in his queer and twisted mind, somehow have it in their DNA to terrorize and murder unbelievers. But we, being more civilized, should know better and not do anything that could provoke violent reactions:

“She is the daughter of the Belgian ‘extreme right’ party” leader Philip de Winter  of Vlaams Belang…. there have been death threats….  you decide whether this has been a good move…”

So, if you want to live in a safe secure society completely free of intimidation, backlash, retribution or reprisals, all you have to do is submit. Submission will free you from all the responsibility of liberty.

The choice is yours.

Update from Jawa Report:

So far, the police has been doing their job:

“Shariah4Belgium” Leaders Sentenced

Censored31’s buddies have been sentenced one and two years each for threats made in a YouTube video against anti-immigration party Vlaams Belang . You’re next Censored31:

The spokesman of the “Islamic fundamentalist organisation Sharia4Belgium” has been sentenced to two years in prison and also fined 550 euros, Belgian media reported Friday.Fouad Belkacem received the maximum sentence from a judge in the Belgian city of Antwerp while another defendant got a one year sentence.

They faced charges in connection with a video film in which they issued death threats to several leaders of the far right Belgian Vlaams Belang party.

Their videos are still up at YouTube here. Notice that they fly the flag of al Qaeda while giving lectures (vidcap above).

Which should surprise no one since their buddy Censored31’s book is entitled al Qaeda Rising.

8 thoughts on “Fox Libtards Baffled by Resistance to Islam in Belgium”

  1. Fox is increasingly becoming a joke.I guess that 20% Arab stake is really starting to take effect.

  2. Its worse at CNN. They are entirely in the bag for the Arabs. Their reporting is even worse than al Jizz.

    Btw: the journo in the vid above is Greg Palkot who copped a good thrashing in Cairo during the “Arab spring” riots in Tahrir square.

    Greg Palkot and Olaf Wiig were taken to the hospital after being severely beaten—at which point they were detained by Egyptian military police, who accused them of being Israeli spies. Palkot was also blindfolded throughout the interrogation.

    Palkott spent a fair bit of time in Muslim countries and tries to cover himself, his cowardice shows.

  3. I gave up on CNN a long,long time ago.It was like watching Matt Lauer.
    So Palkott is back in the saddle after his thrashing at the hands of his peaceful pals in Tahrir square?
    I haven’t heard anything about Lara Logan for ages.Perhaps her experience with the “freedom fighters” was a little more harrowing.

  4. The woman posed for a picture at age 19.
    The pre-pubescent Aisha had to do a lot more at age 9.
    The man who inflicted himself on Aisha was old enough to be her grandfather.
    Which is the more morally outrageous?
    You choose. (While you still have the freedom to do so.)

  5. Wiig is supposed to be married to Anita McNaught but it is considered a fake marriage..and she a lesbian. Some weird things there..See Greg Hallett.

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