France: "not all civilisations are of equal value"

by Cheradenine Zakalwe

Socialist Negro MP Calls French Minister Nazi Because He Said All Civilisations Weren’t Equal

 Claude Guéant is wrong in calling Islam a civilisation

It isn’t and it never was. Its barbarism, the worst there ever was.

The French prime minister and his cabinet have stormed out of parliament after an opposition MP accused the rightwing interior minister of flirting with Nazi ideology.

The Socialist Serge Letchimy, from Martinique, questioned the interior minister and close Sarkozy ally, Claude Guéant, over his controversial comments this weekend that “not all civilisations are of equal value”, and his assertion that some civilisations, namely France’s, are worth more than others. (More)

Hatred For Whites & Israel Expressed, Free Speech Prevented

 Brussels University:  Leftists try to explain to  Muslims how they’re all united against the far right, but  Muselmaniacs shout them down:

Caroline Fourest  is a committed leftist, she began to wake up to the threat of Islam earlier than most, probably because she is a lesbian. She helped expose Tariq Ramadan in her book “Brother Tariq”.

The whole circus had been organised on Facebook by an employee of the university called Souhail Chichah. He called the whole thing “Burqa Pride” and said it would represent the “stoning of Caroline Fourest”. His followers also expressed their hatred for “whites” and Israel.

Wissam’s Trap

by Cheradenine Zakalwe

Remember the dead Muslim Wissam Al-Yamni, who lapsed into a coma while in police custody and expired?  Following their traditional habit of turning criminals into heroes, the local Muslims then created a kind of cult around the memory of dear, departed Wissam, practising the ancient Islamic rite of burning cars in tribute to the honoured dead.

Two police officers were suspended over allegations that they had used excessive force in subduing the drugged-up Wissam who had attacked their vehicle. But now a new twist in the story has emerged. It seems the saintly Wissam was the one who called the fire brigade and police in the first place, claiming that someone was injured and needed help. But this was a lie. The call was made before any trouble had begun. Wissam’s intention was to lure the emergency services into a trap, where they would be subjected to a barrage of projectile fire, as indeed they were.

Well, Wissam, you can certainly be proud as you look down from the great mosque  Allah’s bordello in the sky. Your trap worked perfectly.  Dead Muselmaniac Tried to Lure French Police into Ambush