Harvard Solution = Final Solution

Harvard hosting conference calling for destruction of Israel

Check out the comments, most people ‘get it’…..

Endorsing the subjugation of the Jews as dhimmis under Islamic rule, and probable genocide. “Harvard to Host Conference of Hate,” by Rachel Hirshfeld for Israel National News, February 19 via JW

Memo to Jews: After They Come for the Catholic Church, They Will Come For Us

Today it is contraception and the morning-after pill. Tomorrow it will be kosher slaughter, or matrilineal descent, or circumcision, or other matters of existential importance to Jewish observance. If the Obama administration gets away with forcing Catholic institutions to step across lines of life and death in the name of “health,” the federal government will have a precedent to legislate Judaism out of existence — as several other countries have already tried to do. (Spengler)

While Obama and the American media continue to hail the coming of “democracy” to the Middle East and North Africa, as if the “Arab Spring” really represented a flowering of Western-style democracy and pluralism, Benjamin Netanyahu is more realistic.

“Netanyahu: Islamic ‘Wave’ Pressuring Israel,” by Julie Stahl for CBN News, February 20: