Islamic Headbanger Watch

Three Cases of Islamic Headbangers Behind Enemy Lines

Case I: Abu Qatada

Al Qaeda’s ‘Right Hand Man” in Britain Released From Jail

The British taxpayer continues to foot his £10,000-a-week security bill.

  • Hate preacher’s mother says: ‘Thank you Britain for setting my son free’
  • Home Office team in Jordan trying to negotiate the fanatic’s deportation
  • Best friend claimed Qatada came to London to enjoy free speech – and NOT because he was fleeing torture

We suspect that Abu Qatada is simply amazed at how dimwitted the people he is trying to kill must be to free an al-Qaeda operative to roam the country he came to illegally, while citizens pay handsomely for his police protection and to keep his family housed in relative luxury. (TROP)

Motherly Love:

Delight: Abu Qatada’s mother Aisha Othman offers refreshments to Mail staff as a thank you for her son being released

Abu Qatada could be deported to Jordan if the Government chose to reject a European Court ruling, a former Home Office minister said today.

David Mellor said Home Secretary Theresa May should simply ignore the ruling in Strasbourg that prevents Britain throwing out the hate preacher because he could stand trial for terrorism offences involving evidence gathered through torture.

Speaking after Qatada was released from prison, he said: ‘The ruling in Strasbourg is a gnat-bite that the British Government is totally free in law to ignore. Read more:

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Case II

Mullah Krekar (Still) Terrorizes Norway

Alternate headline:

“Norway seeks ‘asylum’ from Mullah Krekar.”

Cement shoes would have solved that problem long ago…..

An update on this story. Iraqi-born Islamist cleric in Norway terror trial,” by Bjoern H. Amland for theAssociated Press, February 15:

When Mullah Krekar told a group of journalists that a top Norwegian politician would die if he’s expelled from Norway and dies, too, back home in Iraq, he claims he wasn’t making threats. He told a court in Oslo on Wednesday that rather, he was simply analyzing the consequences of an official expulsion.

Krekar “can’t be deported”

The Mullah, who came to Norway from northern Iraq in 1991 as a refugee, has been a continuing headache for Norwegian immigration authorities. Having been deemed as a threat to national security by Norway’s Supreme Court in 2007, he is due for deportation at the earliest opportunity.

Nevertheless, humanitarian grounds mean his is currently non-returnable, as the Iraqi government cannot guarantee that he will not be given the death penalty. Krekar is currently under house arrest, and is considering moving to Somalia. Siv Jensen has welcomed this.

“He’ll probably find like minded people there, I’m afraid, but it is certainly one problem less for Norway and Norwegian taxpayers,” she told NRK.

Case III


 Haitham al-Haddad 

Islamic scholar hate-monger Haitham al-Haddad should be barred from entering the Netherlands, a majority of Dutch MPs has said. Saudi-born Mr al-Haddad, who lives and works in London, has been invited to a symposium at Amsterdam’s Free University on Friday and Saturday.

MP Joel Voordewind – of the small Christian Union opposition party – raised the issue on Tuesday and got the support of four other parties, including the governing conservative VVD and Christian Democrats.

Mr Voordewind claimed that Mr al-Haddad was “known for his anti-semitic statements, such as ‘Jews are one of the Devil’s armies, Jews are the enemies of God, Jews are descended from apes and pigs, and it is necessary to hate Jews and Christians’.” Mr al-Haddad is a member of the Islamic Sharia Council in London.

Academic merit

The Centre for Information and Documentation on Israel (CIDI) asked the Free University to cancel Mr al-Haddad’s appearance at the event.

The Free University has said that Haitham al-Haddad remains welcome to attend the symposium, which was organised by the Islamic Student Union of Amsterdam. The university has defended the academic merit of the debate, pointing out that Mr al-Haddad’s opponent would be Yasser Ellethy of the Centre for Islamic Theology.

The Dutch cabinet has not yet responded to the call from the Lower House to ban the visit.

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