Jihad in Africa

Native Africans continue to suffer under the Arab Occupation.

The racist crimes committed by the Misrata Brigade against the town of Tawergha, which is mainly populated by Black Libyans, has been well documented by international human rights organisations and and the global mainstream media. They are infamous for scrawling on the walls on the road to Tawergha, that they, the Misrata brigade are “the brigade for the purging of the skins of slaves, Black skins.” (more from the RoP)


 Professor Aliyu Mohammad Bunza:  Islam is a religion of peace and Boko Haram is invented by the CIA and the Mossad to destroy Nigeria

He forgot to mention the “Zionists.” In any event, the handy thing about conspiracy paranoia is that it doesn’t have to make sense, and more importantly, one need not take responsibility for a situation that is said to be ultimately controlled by a powerful hidden hand.

“Professor” Bunza urged government to be fair and just including the alleged members of the Boko Haram sect and called security men, especially the police, to shun extra-judicial killings of Muslim.

Boko Haram spokesman selling sharia:

the rights of the country’s 70 million Christians, who represent half of Nigeria’s population, “would be protected” under the group’s envisioned Islamic state.

“Everyone must abide by sharia law: “There are no exceptions. Even if you are a Muslim and you don’t abide by sharia, we will kill you. Even if you are my own father, we will kill you.”

Nothing to do with Islam, blame the Zionists:


You can have any religion as long as its Islam:

Christian converts in northern Cameroon are coming under intensifying pressure following a warning from militant Muslims to return to Islam or “face Allah’s wrath”.

 Jihad  against  the “Zio-Crusader campaign.”

Al-Qaeda’s former second banana formally welcomes al-Shabaab

“Al-Zawahri said al-Shabab would support the jihad movement against what he called the “Zio-Crusader campaign.”

As if any outside conspiracy could make Somalia any more awful than the jihadists have already made it. The major risk to the rest of the world, however, is that that al-Shabaab has a better conduit to export jihadists, both to neighbors who have intervened in Somalia, and to Somali communities in the West where the group has already been recruiting. “Somalia’s al-Shabab joins Al Qaeda, leader says,” from the Associated Press, February 9 via JW:

“There was a heavy explosion, a car full of explosives was detonated” 

Somalia: Jihad against people drinking tea

This report hints that a possible target was a hotel frequented by politicians, but al-Shabaab couldn’t care less who was caught in the crossfire. “Somalia: Al-Shabab bombs Mogadishu cafe,” from BBC News, February 8 via JW….