Malmö is becoming Scandinavia's Baghdad: 22 Bomb Explosions in Three Years

According to Al Jazeerah Malmö, Sweden “will be the first Scandinavian City with a Muslim majority“. Twenty-two bomb explosions in three years (August 2008 to June 2011) and a long row of killings in broad daylight are typical signs of Muslim presence: Malmö is becoming Scandinavia’s Baghdad.

Sweden is terrified by a long row of murders committed in broad daylight. In most cases, both the killer and the victim are Muslims. The murders should thus be seen as public executions, often happening according to the sharia’s honour codes. In connection with a recent murder (the sixth in two months), Malmö’s mayor stated that “The killings are a result of the parallel world that has emerged in Malmö, where some people take the right to judge that another human being deserves death.”

Examples of the politically correct madness that lures the Swedes into voting for Muslim immigration:

A newspaper recently pixellated dark-skinned criminals pink, to erase their dark skin colour:

Thanks to the award-winning blog for the pictures and documentation (here and here).