"Non-Muslims cannot dictate what Islam is…”

“Islamists have learned that in the West, the best way to proselytize is to say you want to ‘debate.”

U.K.-based jihadist hate preacher given “warm welcome” at “one of Amsterdam’s foremost forums for political debate”

AMSTERDAM – A Pali headbanger who called on Muslims to kill Jewish “enemies of Allah” spoke last week about Islam in Europe at one of Amsterdam’s foremost forums for political debate. Hate preacher gets “warm welcome” (JW)

Afghan soldier kills two NATO troops

KABUL, Afghanistan — An Afghan soldier  killed two NATO troops after opening fire on members of the US-led International Security Assistance Force, the military said.

How do you say “smoke the motherfuckers” in Pashtun?

Afghan troops defending a foreign base in eastern Nangarhar province had “joined demonstrators and opened fire on foreign troops”… (AFP)

White House apologizes for burning of Muslim holy books in garbage pile at Afghanistan base

Rose Monday, Carnival in Germany: the madman of Iran plays with fire….– Iran Stops IAEA Inspectors from Reaching Nuclear Site…

“Underage sex is allowed in my country”

A SIXTH (Musel-)man has been charged with child sex offences as part of an ongoing investigation into the sexual exploitation of a 14-year-old girl.
Its only a tiny minority of excremists:
FEBRUARY 22–The man Koranimal who repeatedly yelled “Allah is  the greatest” as he was removed yesterday from a plane that was forced to make an emergency landing due to his unruly behavior is a 19-year-old Saudi Arabian who was arrested Sunday night after he led Oregon police on a drunken car chase that saw him ram two cop cars and attempt to run over pedestrians, The Smoking Gun has learned.

2 thoughts on “"Non-Muslims cannot dictate what Islam is…””

  1. Yeah, WE can’t dictate to Islam but IT can dictate to us. What’s wrong with this picture? Yeah, apologize, foolish, childish, gutless General, see where that gets you with Muslims. The “hearts and minds” of Muslims cannot be won. I reiterate, the hearts and minds of Muslims cannot be won. Firstly, they don’t have hearts and minds. Secondly, if they do, they are poisoned with Islam. So, forget it. It’s a waste of resources. Which dumbass, politically correct idiot dreamed that phrase up? You might win the heart and mind of a crocodile while feeding it a chicken. The next instant it will be eating you. Muslims … same thing. So, the kid who was arrested after raising hell on the plane was only arrested a couple of days before that?! And he was allowed on a plane?! WTF is wrong here?! Read some of the comments on that story and you’ll see how far we have to go to wake the American public up.

  2. So put the punk on a corner in a pink dress with a sign that says slap me I deserve it and make him do it for a week deport him to Bin Laden’s marina by navy missle so he can be with his hero

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