Obama is in the Muslim Camp

Not to Alarm You or Anything, But the Obamessiah is  in Cahoots With the Koranimals

 Steven Emerson says so, right here. (thanks to Scaramouche)

It’s not all that hard to understand why Santorum spokeswoman Alice Stewart might misspeak and refer to Obama’s “radical Islamic policies.”  Separated at Birth?

Looking for Jihad in All the Right Places (NY Post)

Despite the latest manufactured outrage over the NYPD and Muslims, “There’s always been a gap between what public officials say to the ‘gotcha’ media and what they actually must do – especially when it comes to terrorism.”

Closely watching wannabe jihadis not only at home but across the country and around the world, the NYPD has foiled countless terror operations, including plots to blow up the Brooklyn Bridge, the subway system, the Stock Exchange, the trans-Hudson tunnels and JFK Airport, among others.

But try to tell that to the Associated Press, which for months now has been waging a journalistic jihad against the NYPD and its counterterrorism tactics in the name of “civil rights.”   — Read more: Thanks to the Religion of Peace

Purifying Bombs

But but: how about those rivers of wine in Moe’s bordello?


Obama Cedes US Territory to Russia– Obama’s foreign policy can be summed up in a single word: treason.

Islam vs Europe:

France: How to instil guilt in European children about their own culture and history:

French History Classes Indoctrinate Children to Support the Islamic Invasion Immigration

 Islam is the ONLY religion taught at primary school level. Other monotheisms are taught at secondary level.

Treason Pays 

Tony Winterbottom is an “executive adviser” on regeneration and development to Lutfur Rahman, the mayor of Tower Hamlets who was ousted from the Labour Party over alleged links to Islamic extremists.

Paul Weston spoke to a group of New Yorkers at an meeting sponsored by Brigitte Gabriel’s Act For America organization.

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  1. Born to a Muslim father adopted by a Muslim stepfather schooled as a Muslim while regularly attending the Mosque . Took ‘Mengagi’ ( the correct pronounciation of Koranic Arabic) at school a subject only particularly devout Muslims take . All the members of his Paternal and stepfathers families are Muslims. So is Obambi a Muslim……… well do bears sh1t in the woods?

  2. Hahaha!

    Remember his African grandmother?

    The one who claimed she was a Christian before he was elected and then went on the hajj after he bought the presidency?

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