Real Bad Crazyness

Obama: Lets Punish Business For … Keeping Us in Business!

Ex-Newsday Editor: Catholic Bishops Should Be Guided by Saul Alinsky

Former Newsday reporter and editor Paul Moses suggested that if the bishops really need a guide they should be “guided by the writings of Saul Alinsky” – yes, the guy who hailed the organizing talents of Lucifer in the front of his book “Rules for Radicals.”    Read More

He said it:

What’s an Ugly Old Lesbian Like Her Doing in a Job Like This?

World Bank Head Will Step Down, Hillary Could Replace

More Crony Capitalism Disguised as ‘Green’ Jobs

The Washington Post revealed (only in a blog post so far)  that nearly $4 billion in federal money has gone to companies directly connected to Obama Administration bureaucrats. For all the anger and hysteria promoted by the left over Halliburton, this is starting to seem far worse:   Read More

Nothing is “Free”–The arrogance of Obama… is stunning.

Obama’s divide-and-conquer strategy (Adrienne’s corner)

Hussein Obama is a not only an abortion zealot, he’s also a fascist control freak – determined to make government the ultimate arbiter of morality on all matters political and economic.

That’s the only conclusion one can reach from his efforts to force individuals like me, institutions like the Catholic Church, insurance companies and employers nationwide to provide “free” abortions, “free” sterilizations and “free” contraception to those who are part of any health insurance program in the U.S.

It’s a natural manifestation of Obamacare – and something advocates of the legislation assured would never happen as a result of passage.

It didn’t take very long to reveal the administration’s deceit.

There’s no compromising with this hideous plan. read the rest

Is Obama Using The IRS To Silence Opposition Voices?

Hmm. Does a bear shit in the woods?  Is the pope a Catholic?

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