Sunday Morning Bull

UK: “Gorgeous” George Galloway Announces His “Retirement”

“Shock alliance?” Are you shocked? I’m not.  The rabid rat  is as hopelessly deluded and  as vile as ever….  and ‘just like Mandela’ – after 27 years….

You knew this was coming:

Obama must be able to quash religious freedom in order to save Earth from global warming junk science.

Yahoo via GWP:

Just when you thought you’d heard everything from these wankers, they spring this on you…  Think Progress reported….

Globull Worming is Dead, Lets Bury the Tax Now:

Europe’s carbon trading system has collapsed, just as Julia Gillard prepares our higher-priced own: “The ETS is bust, it’s dead”

“Let me be clear”– He never had a chance:

“Kodirov said that he did not care if he got shot and killed, as long as he killed President Obama,”

An illegal headbanger from Uzbekistan who pleaded guilty on Friday to plotting to kill US President Barack Obama with an automatic rifle claimed he was acting at the direction of an Islamic terror group in his home country.