Sweden: Looking for a truce (hudna) with Mohammedan invaders

Hiring Mohammedan Criminals to Stop Mohammedan Criminals From Attacking Ambulances & Firefighters?  Sweden’s got it all covered. “Diversity” making Sweden stronger every day.

Immigrant firefighters hired ‘to stop attacks’

The Swedish fire service is looking to hire more personnel with a foreign background in order to increase safety for fire fighters in big city areas, according to a report by Swedish broadcaster Sveriges Television (SVT) 

”At one point some kids were throwing rocks at us. I caught hold of a guy and spoke to him in his own language,” said Ilhan Demir of the South Stockholm fire service to SVT.

The diversity project is meant to widen recruitment, according to SVT, not in the least when it comes to attracting staff with a different background than the traditional Swedish.

It is hoped that it will overcome language barriers and increase security for fire personnel in the big city areas.

The project will cost 7.5 million kronor ($1.1 million) and will be funded by the European Social Fund (ESF). Part of the money will go to the South Stockholm (Södertörn) fire service.

”We’re about 300 on active call-out duty, of which only 18 are of a different background than Swedish. There needs to be more,” said Christer Flodfält, union representative for the fire service to SVT.

According to the broadcaster it has become more frequent that fire personnel are attacked with stones and other objects and it is hoped that the new initiative may bridge the gap between the fire fighters and the gangs of unruly kids.

”This is a very important project,” said fire fighter Nadia Jelili to SVT.

TT/Rebecca Martin (news@thelocal.se)

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Dave ‘gets it’

This is getting more than a joke. A short while ago it was reported that the delivery of mail had been stopped in parts of Malmo because of attacks on postmen and immigrant postmen were being trained to make the deliveries. Now the same thing is happening to the fire brigade.

Soon it will be police, doctors, nurses, plumbers, electricians etc until only people of immigrant stock are allowed anywhere near these no-go areas – which will have effectively become foreign territory on Swedish soil.

” There needs to be more,” said Christer Flodfält.

No, Christer – there needs to be less… far less immigrants – or Sweden as we know it, is finished.

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  1. idiot swedes – left wing morons making the same mistakes and placing their people and their country into danger.

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