Under Siege? Spain's Islamic Invasion

Muslims have nearly retaken Spain. CBN Feb 6 2012

Dale Hurd/CBN News Sr. Reporter

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BARCELONA, Spain — Bullfighting is now illegal in the Spanish province of Catalonia. Some arenas have been converted into business spaces.

But Muslims want to turn the most famous arena, the Coliseum, into a giant mosque.

In fact, some cities in Spain now look more like the Middle East. Muslims, who once ruled most of nation, are returning in large numbers.

In the city of Salt, parents have come to pick up their children from school. Muslims already make up 40 percent of city residents and will soon be the majority.

But the city government has pushed back, placing a one-year hold on a large mosque project funded by radical Wahhabis in Saudi Arabia.

For good measure, someone cursed the ground at the building site with a pig head that was still there when CBN News arrived. Islamic law forbids the building of a mosque on ground soiled by pigs.

But the number of Muslims in Salt is increasing so rapidly, it is now only a matter of time before Muslims will be running the city.

“When the first Muslim political party presents itself, all the Muslims will vote for it, and we’ll all end up wearing headscarves. We’re in a really big problem,” Salt city councilwoman Maria Osuna told CBN News.

Immigration or Invasion?

In the 7th century, Muslim armies conquered most of Spain, calling it Al-Andulus. They would not be completely expelled for 700 years, the year Columbus discovered the new world.

Now Muslims are returning, and polls suggest they are not returning to be Spaniards. A Pew survey found that 7 out of 10 Muslims in Spain think of themselves as Muslim rather than Spaniards.

“Plataforma x Catalunya,” or Platform for Catalonia, was the first political party to take the Muslim surge seriously. But in politically correct Spain, which celebrated the 1,300-year anniversary of the Muslim invasion as a good thing, Platform for Catalonia is denounced as racist and xenophobic.

Platform leader Joseph Anglada said his party is not against immigrants. They’re against uncontrolled immigration and what they say are immigrants who do not want to be a part of Spain.

“Muslim immigrants are not here to adapt,” Anglada said. “They’re here to conquer.”

“First the husband comes as the head of the family,” he explained. “Then the wife and children, and later he comes with his parents, in-laws,and grandparents, and it has turned into an invasion.”

‘Mysterious’ Dog Poisonings

In the city of Lleida, someone is poisoning dogs. Police don’t know who has been doing it, but the suspicion is that Muslims were the culprits.

Before the poisonings, Muslims were trying to get city government to ban dogs from public transport and public areas because they consider dogs unclean.

“What happened was, all of a sudden, one day, 12 to 14 animals showed up dead. They had eaten something or been given something. We don’t know,” Josep Ortiz I Llleida told CBN News.

Lleida, which is about one-quarter Muslim, was the first Spanish city to ban the burqa. Then the mayor shut down the city’s mosque because it was overflowing with Friday worshippers.

CBN News went to see where the Muslim men are praying now, and it is a large open air pavilion. Filming with a hidden camera, we saw more than 500 men listening to a sermon in Arabic.

“We don’t know what the Muslim leaders are telling their people,” Moises Font with Platform for Catalonia said. “Are they encouraging Muslims to assimilate or to stay separate?”

Spaniards Disappearing

There are reportedly more than 100 radical Wahhabi mosques in Spain.  And two radical Muslim TV channels from the Middle East are now broadcasting into Spain.

And just as Muslim immigration is surging, the native Spanish are slowly disappearing. Their birth rate is below the replacement number.

Also, large numbers of college age Spaniards are fleeing the country to escape a 50 percent unemployment rate for young people.

Meanwhile, the Muslim birthrate is at least twice the native birthrate, and the number of Muslims has increased tenfold in the last 20 years.

A secret report by Spanish intelligence leaked to the media found that radical groups from the Middle East are pouring large sums of money into Spain to control the nation’s Muslims.

“The greatest threat for Spain, Catalonia, and Europe is Muslim immigration,” Anglada told CBN News.

“We know they are coming here to conquer what, according to Muslims, used to belong to them,” he said. “We have a moral duty so that in the future they can say that at least there was someone, one party, that was not willing to surrender the West to Islamization.”

The Watchtowers of Spain and Southern Europe

After the Turks seized Constantinople in 1453, the Mediterranean became a more dangerous place. Aided by allies along the North African coast, the Turks started an offensive against the growing Spanish Empire which increased dramatically at the begining of the 16th century. The names Redbeard and Dragut inspired fear along the coast of Granada as they and other Turkish corsairs, supported by Berber pirates from across the straights, attacked, destroyed and looted what they could. The final expulsion of the Moors from Spain after the Rebellion of the Alpujarras (1568) further added to the ranks of the Berber pirate forces.

In 1526, Carlos V granted Almuñécar its own escudo, or coat of arms, for having successfully destroyed a Berber attack force in what he considered an exemplary fashion. The coat of arms is the message. It shows an empty pirate ship floating on a bloodstained sea bobbing with severed turbanned heads. 

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