Young Daddy With Attitude

Check what the Global Mail published this week. There’s three – three! – pieces lauding the radical Occupy movement, one complaining that Muslim Australians are “misunderstood” and another defending higher taxes.

A “warm and relaxed” Julia Gillard gets a sympathetic profile, as does Malcolm Turnbull, the Labor choice for Liberal leader.

In this perfect socialist media paradise there’s only two things that can tick off  the fury of the hypocrites since mining magnate Gina Rinehart snapped up more shares in struggling Fairfax: a potential “right-wing” voice in the media besides Andrew Bolt?

Communications Minister Steve Conroy even claims we need new laws on media ownership, given what some clown in the Fairfax papers squeals is Rinehart’s apparent plot to “change the nature of Australia’s media and politics”.

The sky is falling! Rally the troops:  Rinehart and the hypocrites

Another dangerous tension imported, along with a certain attitude to our authorities:

A young father who was shot three times in the leg in Sydney’s latest gun violence is refusing to assist police, even though he may never walk again.

Ali Ibrahim, 29, was shot three times in the leg outside his home on Christian Rd, Punchbowl… 

Gerard Henderson on one of the great blunders in “refugee” policy  committed by Malcolm Fraser, whose foolishness led us to import a dangerous number of future terrorists.


They want Australia without the Australians?

They are mad, of course. Leave it to our multiculturalists – or, more accurately, cultural separatists – and we will soon share nothing but an address:

WORK on a $900 million Korean suburb on Hobart’s Eastern Shore will start within a year after winning final planning approval yesterday.