"Anal Sex is Haram" – Advisor on Family Affairs from Dubai

A gazillion soldiers of allah would beg to differ. 

And the Taliban would be heartbroken if the Bacha Bazi boyz were put out of business. The Obamster could never apologize enough for that.

7 thoughts on “"Anal Sex is Haram" – Advisor on Family Affairs from Dubai”

  1. Reminds me of the old joke.
    Why are camels called ships of the desert?
    Because they’re full of Arab Semen…

    Honestly, these people are a joke. Just with a very unfunny punchline….

  2. “Anal” is a pretty big word for Muslims. I’m assuming that livestock and little boys are the halal exceptions. Baaaaaa Baaaaa …

  3. Is there EVER a conversation where the koranimals don’t bring up Infidels or nations that have gone astray?

  4. Is there ever a conversation where they don’t bring up some form of sex..how to do it… how not to do it..how to witness it when a women is pretending it is rape. how to do in a family..how to do with six wives..oh make that four blw ble blw nlqw..gross undignified people.
    It is an ideology especially designed for those too lazy to think for them selves..a rule for this , a rule for that..but of course no rule on inbreeding. Gaza has the highest proportion of damaged children thru coussies doing coussies.. Nuts totally nuts.

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