Australia: The Halal Racket (Finally) Makes the Media

The Halal Racket Creates Musel-Millionaires Downunder and Elsewhere: 

Its worth 2 trillion dollars worldwide, and most of it goes back into mosque-building, da’awa and the global jihad.

Halal certification stamp

Racketeer in chief,  Mohamed El-Mouelhy, the chairman of Halal Certification Authority Australia,  tells recalcitrant infidels to live on pork and wine and brags about how he rakes it in, and claims “Halal certification doesn’t finance anything but my wife’s shoes….”  (just wondering how many wives he has and is Imelda Marcos among them…?)

The fees are kept secret and the companies are forced to sign non-disclosure statements.

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Woolworths statement

Woolworths does not specify that its fresh drinking milk be certified Halal and we make no guarantees to that effect.

However, the standard process by which drinking milk is produced means it should be suitable for consumption by people whose diet stipulates Halal food and our understanding is Parmalat has taken the step of having this certified.

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8 thoughts on “Australia: The Halal Racket (Finally) Makes the Media”

  1. I wonder how hard it would be to counterfeit that halal stamp, and stamp it on all pork products…in many cities and towns, and repeatedly… I can see it now on a pack of sanitary napkins….Imagine that in every western country everywhere…

  2. Unfortunately Today Tonight added to the general misconception that Muslims MUST eat only halal-certified food. As far as I know this is not true. And before this racket got under way, didn’t we export a lot of food with no concern whatsoever for the halal label, from our side or the Muslim countries’ side? They are taking us for a ride with their new-found “piety” which SO OFTEN WE have to pay for, whether it be swimming-pool curtains or foot-washing taps or whetever.
    The most sinister thing is the way they are openly gloating. I suspect they think the Islamisation of our country is a done deal and they can drop the pretense.

  3. You are correct: the food of Christians and Jews is per se halal for muslims.

    The racketeer in chief is gloating and tells us the same, in fact, he says that everything except wine and pork is halal, so that should be pointed out to the food industry and all payments stopped.

    I’m afraid the Islamization of Australia is well on track and our pollies are totally in the pocket of our Arab Muslim overlords.

  4. One way to fight back this surreptitious selling of halal products in supermarkets is for customers to rub some pork fat on their hands and touching foods on the supermarket shelves that are labeled halal.

  5. I had no idea that companies had to pay for a certificate to show food products were halal. I just thought that if the products matched the requirements then it was okay to indicate the food was halal on the pack.

    What a rort. So does this company do any other than issue certificates, do they test the milk for traces of pork products or alcohol? Do they go out to the diary farms and see if the cows were drinking wine and eating bacon sandwiches before they were milked?

  6. simple, companys stop paying for halal certification, muslims starve, eat our food or bugger off.

  7. For the life of me, I can’t understand why manufacturers seem to be falling over themselves to get halal certification. We don’t need it, I won’t knowingly go to a restaurant (or whatever) that openly claims that it provides halal food.

    So, to all you dumb-arse mussies, if you want to eat halal, go back to your pathetic country of origin. Leave Australia. NOW!

  8. There is another compelling reason why Aussie Christians should not eat halal meat(products) for the Apostle St.Paul says in a letter to the Corinthians that they should abstain from eating food offered to idols, from sexual immorality….. Acts 15:20. The headbangers sacrifice the animal in the name of the moon god idol allah and they are sexually immoral(paedophilia and rape of kafir women).

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