Cory Bernardi: "Time to get Mad"

Mad as hell.

Very well. I’m mad as hell.  But why didn’t he get mad earlier and why were the liberals, (supposedly Australia’s conservatives) so quiet for so long?

“Am I the only one to wonder why the government will happily spend millions of dollars to assist the proselytising of Islam but insist that Bible stories have no place in our school system?”  (Cory Bernardi)

CONSERVATIVE voters should not wait until the next federal election but should start shouting from their windows that they are “mad as hell” and will not take it any more.

“Right-wing” senator Cory Bernardi has called on conservatives to take action now to get rid of the Labor Government rather than “wait around another 18 months until the next election”.

In a rhetorical call-to-arms, the South Australian frontbencher slammed the Greens party as being from another planet and the ALP Government as more interested in “proselytising” Islam than “the eternal truths of the Christian message”.  (source)

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  1. I think you’ll find Benardi is the only politician who has opened his mouth about the dangers of Islam in the Australian federal parliament.

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