Great Idea: Why don't We Get Rid of Our Culture and Replace it With Islam?

Dante’s Divine Comedy ‘offensive and should be banned’

 It is a world-renowned work of literature and one of the foundation stones of the Italian language, but Dante’s Divine Comedy has been condemned as racist, homophobic, anti-Islamist and anti-Semitic.

The classic work should be removed from school curricula, according to Gherush 92, a human rights organisation which acts as a consultant to UN bodies on racism and discrimination.  (God damn the yuman rites prostitutes and the cretins who finance them!)

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77 Comments on Dante’s “Divine Comedy”

The classic work should be removed from school curricula, according to Gherush 92, a human rights organisation which acts as a consultant to UN bodies on racism and discrimination.

Dante’s epic is “offensive and discriminatory” and has no place in a modern classroom, said Valentina Sereni, the group’s president.

Divided into three parts – Hell, Purgatory and Heaven – the poem consists of 100 cantos, of which half a dozen were marked out for particular criticism by the group.

It represents Islam as a heresy and Mohammed as a schismatic and refers to Jews as greedy, scheming moneylenders and traitors, Miss Sereni told the Adnkronos news agency.

“The Prophet Mohammed was subjected to a horrific punishment – his body was split from end to end so that his entrails dangled out, an image that offends Islamic culture,” she said.

Homosexuals are damned by the work as being “against nature” and condemned to an eternal rain of fire in Hell.

“We do not advocate censorship or the burning of books, but we would like it acknowledged, clearly and unambiguously, that in the Divine Comedy there is racist, Islamophobic and anti-Semitic content. Art cannot be above criticism,” Miss Sereni said.

Schoolchildren and university students who studied the work lacked “the filters” to appreciate its historical context and were being fed a poisonous diet of anti-Semitism and racism, the group said.

It called for the Divine Comedy to be removed from schools and universities or at least have its more offensive sections fully explained.

The remarks prompted Italian cultural associations, actors who have performed the epic and even gay groups to rush to the defence of the poet.

It was wrong to judge Dante by the standards of today, said Giorgio Rembado, the president of an Italian head teachers’ association.

“Works of literature need to be placed in the historical context,” he said.

Banning the Divine Comedy would be “senseless”.

Franco Grillini, the head of Gaynet, a gay rights’ organisation, said the suggestion that Dante’s writings should be prohibited marked “an excess of political correctness”.

Take a look at the agenda of these ‘yuman rites’ wankers:

I’ve just finished reading a selection at Gherush 92’s own website.  They have quite an agenda:

The promotion of an international project:  “Human Diversity and Peace:  Guidelines for the Protection of Cultural Diversity” …”for a Convention Against Racism”…”against racism and in favour of the appreciation of the importance of cultural diversity”….”The goal of the Project is to develop a set of careful research procedures to ascertain the cultural causes of racism and conflicts, so as to contribute to knowledge and negotiations”….The Project, following an interdisciplinary and educational approach and new informative and informatics strategies, propose to:   eradicate contemporary forms of scientific racism;  eradicate extreme poverty and hunger;  ensure environmental sustainability;  and set in motion the solidarity-negotiations-reparation process.”

Cynic that I am, this sounds as if the Western world and the Caucasian Race are deemed racists and, to atone for our guilt, we must be bled dry financially, forced to accept ‘cultural diversity’ from less developed ‘cultures’ including their plundering of our economies and societies and hand over vast sums as “reparation process.”

This group also ran a seminar in UN Geneva HQ last year on “Judaism and Islam:  Rules for a New Golden Age” :  “Islamic and Jewish culture, laws and rules could be considered as a holistic and self-consistent system able to effectively contribute to the main issues of Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) such as environment, food, poverty, human rights and sustainable development.”

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  1. Sounds like we did bin Laden a favor. He deserved whatever misery he was in.

    It is not for educators to bring great literature down to the level of the maggots. It is for the maggots to first pupate and become flies. Then if they’re lucky and good little maggots and flies and eat mountains of nasty stuff, in a few thousand lives and rebirths, they can be reborn as humans. Then, when they’re humans, they can grow up, become educated and rise to the level of the literature and not expect educators to EXPLAIN EVERYTHING TO THEM as if they’re helpless little microscopically-brained maggots.

    OK, maggots, the ball’s in your court, get with the program! Your first assignment after ten thousand future lives will be to read The Divine Comedy.

  2. I am so sick of the inherent sanctimonious intolerant bigotry of political correctness, multiculturalism and tolerance. Please DO NOT presume to protect me from books! OK, Miss Sereni? Did they use Mohammed’s guts for fish bait?

  3. Sheik: “Why don’t We Get Rid of Our Culture and Replace it With Islam?”
    Well we, or should I say the they, i.e. the traitors sapping our culture, are already doing just that.

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