Gun Rights

“A citizen may not be required to offer a ‘good and substantial reason’ why he should be permitted to exercise his rights,” Legg wrote. “The right’s existence is all the reason he needs.”

On Monday a Federal judge ruled that Maryland residents do not have to provide a “good and substantial reason” to legally own a handgun, striking down the state’s current requirement for obtaining a permit as unconstitutional. (h/t: Fox News)

Not so fast: you know that the magic moron and his supporters will not be deterred by a federal judge. They will try to override U.S. law with “international law” from -you guessed it- the United Nations:

UN Targets Americans’ Right to Bear Arms


The purpose of having the most powerful military in the world is so that second-rate countries can’t deprive us of the God-given rights enshrined in our Constitution, such as the right of self-defense — or can they?

Interesting to see how far Australia has bought into this subversive agenda.

You are only strong to the extent you are not turned against yourself. Who is going to prevent authoritarian collectivists from also-ran countries from telling us whether we canexercise our Second Amendment rights when our government is run by their allies and our enemies?

Fortunately, there is a simple three-step solution:

1. Vote anyone likely to collaborate with UN despots out of office.
2. Withdraw from the UN.
3. Bulldoze that hideous domino looming over Turtle Bay into the East River, preferably with the dictatorial moonbat bureauweenies still inside.

2 thoughts on “Gun Rights”

  1. Be nice if they’d apply it to those wonderful, peaceful, loving citizens in the middle east and “asia”! I always though Asians were Chinese, Koreans and Japanese, then again what do I know!

  2. So this is all about hand guns and yet, they have have military grade weapon as their symbol on it’s flag.

    Let’s be honest, this is all taking power away from ‘the people’ and take away the means to fight back against any future tyrannical government.

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