Hostage taking is un-Islamic, part # 326480

Nigeria rescue bid: Kidnapped Briton and Italian killed

A Briton and an Italian abducted in Nigeria last year have died been murdered by Islamic headchoppers in a rescue bid by UK and Nigerian forces, Prime Minister David Cameron has announced.

They musta been real bitches:

How to Avoid Rape in Muslim Countries (BBC)

This is an actual article from the BBC, telling female journalists how to ‘be safe’ in Muslim countries – by staying covered and staying fit enough to outrun the rapists.

Fox-chickencoop alert:

 Jihad and Ziad  terror in Israel
Complicity and stupidity:
Calypso Louis
Now, a quick look at the truth and facts around the slave trade of African blacks:
Vlad Tepes:   Islam and African slavery

3 thoughts on “Hostage taking is un-Islamic, part # 326480”

  1. Rule one never go near an Islamic County no matter what just stay away plenty of other places to go rule out the OIC

  2. The Video on muslim arabs participation in black slavery has to go viral. Such barbarians- castrated.

  3. How to avoid rape in Muslims countries … “by staying covered and staying fit enough to outrun the rapists” … What? They left out “hit them with your purse”!

    Seriously, not real bad ideas, but why go in the first place? The advice is telling women to step into the lion cage but try not to look like pieces of meat. Sorry, but eventually one of the lions will figure it out. Safety pin, really? Aerosol spray, really? How are you going to get them out of your purse in time especially when it’s twenty feet away after the strap broke when you tried to hit them with it? Furthermore, these are “on the edge” protective behaviors. One misstep and you’re raped and or killed. Why not always have at least two highly trained, armed male body guards with you? I’ve had people ask me, “Are you saying that I should be trained in armed and unarmed combat? Why should I have to spend my time doing that? This is a free country. I should be able to go where I want and do what I want. I should not have to be trained. The police should protect me. Etc., etc., blah, blah.” My answer is “yes”. I reiterate, “yes”, I am saying that. And in an Islamic hell hole, “yes” cubed. Yes, ladies (and men) I am saying that. Start today. Start this weekend. Skip the weekend “seminars”. It takes at least two years to even begin to acquire real competence. Wipe that grin off your faces, men, at least 99% of you are untrained and incompetent in self defense also. You owe it to yourselves and your families to not be helpless. And, in case you were wondering, yes, I am an expert in self defense.

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