Mohammed Mehra's Murder Spree Sends the Media Spinning…

Al BeBeeceera update:

Turns out Mohammed Merah is an Islamic terrorist who escaped from an Al Qaeda prison in Afghanistan. The enemedia was really hoping for another Breivik:

Don’t say I told you so:

Danish media on Toulouse jihadist: ‘Hunting a French Breivik’

Is every journo made of shiite?

Anyway, I do not blame them for thinking that it could have been Nazis, since they have so much in common with the followers of the Quran. Both groups hate Jews and want to take over the world by violent means — by any means necessary.

Thanks to Vlad we have live cover:

Al-Qaeda’ gunman ‘planned to kill again’

• Sakozy: soldiers died in ‘terrorist execution’
• Suspect named as Mohammed Merah, 23
• Merah previously ‘broke out of Afghan prison’
• Gunman cornered and family arrested
• Tense stand-off after two officers injured
• Killer ‘sought revenge for deaths of Palestinian children’
• Gunman to give himself up ‘late this evening’

The Toulouse killer is a Muselmaniac,  so the media narrative changes again:

While all the media continued yesterday to assume (and indeed hope) that the Toulouse killer was a ‘white racist’ I questioned the rationality of the assumption, because it was clear to me that the attacks seemed more in keeping with Islamic terrorism. This morning we hear – surprise, surprise -  that the killer is Mohammed Merah, an Islamic terrorist of Algerian origin, who claimed that the killings were in revenge for ‘Israel killing Palestinian children and for French military involvement in the Middle East.   (Edgar has more)
Update from Vlad:

CNN) — French shooting suspect Mohammed Merah was sent back from Afghanistan to France by the U.S. Army,

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Shifting the Media Narrative in Toulouse (Edgar1981)

“When a terrorist grabs Jewish children by the hair and shoots them through the head this can only be the work of a white racist who actually hates Muslims as much as Jews.” But when he turns out to be Muslim, suddenly his actions are justified by. . .

Toulouse Killer Motivated by ‘Propaganda and Lies’…

Reuters reports that the suspect had been serving a three year sentence when he escaped from jail, quoting the director of Kandahar prison. According to Reuters news agency, the head of Kandahar prison in Afghanistan, says the suspect Mohammed Merah, escaped from the prison in a mass Taliban jailbreak.

Sarko stands to attention for murdered soldiers

French Police Admit: Massacre of Children Was Muslim Terror…

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  1. To compound their stupidity the worlds Lame Stream EneMedia wanted everyone to believe a “RIGHT WING Nazi” was responsible . Since when has a member of the “National SOCIALIST German WORKERS Party ” ever been right wing thay are like the Communists FAR LEFT . But that of course does not fit the Left Wing moonbat AGENDA.

  2. What about the morher?

    Hard to think that they are part of our world!

    France and all the pacific countries will have to clean up their cities. I always had problem with the 2 nationnalities. They seems to be always fighting to know were they belong.

    Very sorry for the families.

    Lyse Turgeon

  3. Well, thank goodness, he’s dead. At least, he can’t become a “negotiation tool” now. Muslims, will eventually burn France to the ground if things don’t change, but this is one less maniac to have to deal with. Good shootin’, Frenchies!

  4. These muslims sarracens are worse than the nazis!! Islam should be ilegalised, just like nazism is!! These muslim sarracens invaded my country and oppressed my people for centuries!! They commited genocide on the Visigoths!!

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